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  1. I was wondering , what is the perfect soil combination for my seedlings? I just have random top soil crap with regular soil , i dont what the hell it is.

    I would like some advice from the pros... thanks!
  2. 25% vermiculite 25% perlite 50% pete moss
  3. I use 6 parts pro mix or sunshine mix #1, 2 parts perlite and 2 parts earthworm castings with a tablespoon or so of lime for every gallon of soil about. Works great for me and I have not had any problems with it, my plants are healthy as horses.
  4. what about for growing plants? here in oregon, about the only thing you can get as "soil" is composted tree matter. you can't get any actual soil (as in dirt).

    finding vermiculite is a pain in the butt too as you get blank stares mentioning it in NURSERIES!

    does anyone have a good mix based around composted twig "soil"? in playing around with some of my beans under a shoplight, i tried to create a nutrient rich mix with about 1/8 worm castings and an organic mix. sadly, it gave the leaflets a nasty taste because it had blood meal in it.

    i'd like to find a good organically rich mix that i can basically use "set and forget" style for healthy plants that don't taste bad. it's looking like i'd have to build my own guano, kelp, composted manure etc. ferts from scratch as most of the ready to use ones have blood meal in them. oh that crap makes weed taste disgusting!

    back east i got great results using plain old hyponex, pearlite, vermiculite, peat moss & manure.

    this was the first soil thread i saw, so i figure i'd stop here instead of spamming up another thread.
  5. thanks guys , ill check this out thanks !
  6. Ive heard good things about Fox farm soil (blue label) which can be bought at a hydroponics store or ordered online. I am planing on using this for my next. But right now i am using a mixture that is 25%perlite, 25% peat moss and i know they say not to use miracle grow soil that feeds upto 6 months, so i got the all organic miracle grow mixture which organiclly feeds for 3 months and so far the my baby is looking amazing. The ph has been fine, no discoloring of any kind. Its been growing strong and healthy with no problems so far. Its almost 3 weeks into flowering and already has a good amount of popcorn nugs on it :)
  7. fox-farm,,,, '' ocean forest'' perfect soil,,, you need to add nothing to it,, just a plant....
  8. 6 parts peat
    3 parts good organic compost such as farfand shrimp/seaweed, mushroom compost, composted manure/humus etc...
    3 parts perilite

    to that add
    1 tablespoon per gallon of dolomite lime
    1cup worm castings per gallon of mix

    ^^^ that mix is good for seedlings (plenty nutrients available in the compost to get them started strong).. I take half of the mix for later transplants, and that I amend further with fox farms peace of mind starter formula, bulb formula, or fruit & flower, and let sit until plants are ready for transplanting and in need of nutrients.. POM are all good 100% organic dry organics, and that's what will provide them nutrients throughout their life.

    I've been growing like this for a few rounds now with great success.. All nutrients are in the soil already in the form of organic matter.. As that breaks down the plant receives nutrients as needed. I give nothing but ph'd water, and a lil mollasses every other watering to keep my soil microherd happy, and efficiently working for my plants through veg.. Come flower time I make a good organic flowering tea using high p bat guano/kelp meal/ewc/mollasses to help them get the fuel for organic fat resin dripping buds:wave:
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ mr. postman is the guru,,, but if your not into all that mixing,,,,

    just get you some ocean forest mix,,, and add a plant and nothing else.:cool:
  10. they don't sell that here. i PREFER to mix my own soils actually. when i was mixing my own with hyponex, i would take the time to sift all the rocks out and break the lumps up before even mixing pearlite, vermiculite & peat into the mix. i found one local soil that i'm considering as a base because it includes composted manure as well as composted food waste and plant by-products so it should be organically rich to start with. worm castings are a given in my because they're 1:1:1 and won't burn plants. i'd considered using castings even as a major part of the mix because it's so organically rich and soil-like on it's own.

    doesn't anyone use more exotic nutrients like kelp, guano, greensand, bioactive enzymes etc. in their mixes or are you just talking about seedling mixes? i just use simple mixes in 16 ounce cups to establish seedlings.

    are you getting fully healthy adult plants with great flavors using those mixes?

    i know that a dude i worked with was using hyponex as his base with composted and season food waste compost in his mix and i can say that his LEAF made for tasty smoke. it was very clean and healthy tasting like smoking salad.

    i'd like happy pampered plants and don't mind spending a bit more for it.
  11. i understand completly,, i had to travel 50. miles for my bag of the stuff,,,

    well just make you a sweet ass blend,,, and youll appreciate your soil better knowing you mixed it, ''a nd created it'' !!!!:cool:
  12. I agree with traveling to get Fox Farm soil or just pay to have it shipped. You wanted to know the perfect soil, there it is. I haven't had a problem with any of mine since I bought Fox Farm Ocean Forest.
  13. So, you guys are saying with this Fox Farm Ocean Forest you can grow a plant from seed to harvest without every adding anything other than pH corrected water?

    If so, I'm definitely getting that for my next grow seeing as how all of my problems have come from over feeding and/or underfeeding. If I can get a soil that you never add anything but water to, I'd be thrilled!

    However, once I get a few good grows down I want to buy some good seeds (instead of just bag seed) and use Mister Postman's mix as I've seen pics of his plant that made me cream myself on the spot.
  14. That organic matter is better for your grow than "dirt." If it's big chunks of bark and stuff then it won't work well, but if it it's fine composted matter then it's good as gold.

    My soil mix is:

    40% organic potting soil (with no added nutes)
    30% sphagnum moss
    20% worm castings
    10% perlite
  15. yes, most of the "soil" out here is composted & finely ground "bark fines" but i just never trusted them because i'm used to topsoil from back east and i vaguely remember reading not to overdo similar peat moss because it can throw PH.

    i'm not arguing that fox farm isn't good soil, but 1, i don't have a car, so commuting is out of the question and 2 i have a problem with paying more for shipping than a product costs and 3 this town has PLENTY of high grade organic soil ammendments at it's nurseries. about the only thing i CAN'T get here is small bags of vermiculite.

    i think i could create a soil every bit as good as fox farm or better ingredient by ingredient. i was just looking at soils today and a couple of them sound like good bases

    cedar grove - booster blend: cedar compost, garden prunings, vegetable trimmings, recycled food products, & composted manure

    black gold - all organic: peat moss, composted earthworm castings, humus, pearlite & pumice

    black gold - all purpose (.13-.05-.10): 40%-50% peat moss, compost, composted rice hulls, composted peanut hulls, pearlite & composted earthworm castings

    garden valley - chicken compos
    t: composted chicken & horse manure (as an ammendment)

    filthy rich - mushroom compost
    : horse & chicken manure (composted?), peat moss, straw, cottonseed meal, soybean meal, gypsum & lime

    and those are only the department store blends. the nursery has everything from liquid & powdered guano, kelp meal, greensand, earthworm castings, fish meal etc.

    the only issue i have is that i tried buying a box of granny something's all purpose organic fertilyzer that had a bunch of high end organics including bioactive enzymes, but the freakin' blood meal made the weed taste nasty. i'm happy to use any and all ammendments but blood meal.

    besides, i like the idea of giving plants a wide variety of nutrients for more complex flavors. just like the blood meal, even tiny amounts of chemical ferts make weed taste nasty. i know i get tired of eating the same thing every day, so i'm all for giving a plant everything that's good for it.

    i also agree with the mixing comment. getting your hands dirty & mixing your own soil is the best. not only do you know exactly what's in your soil, but you aerate it well working it and the process itself is just a nice weed ritual.

    it might sound corny to hydro growers, but i really believe that extra love makes for better plants. the co-worker who made his own food compost had some healthy tasting buds and he thought of his plants literally as his babies, while i'm positive at least some of the time, i can tell when a bud's been grown hydroponically. i'm sure that schwaggy couchlocking skunk #1 that i smoked was hydro because it had little odor or taste. either that, or it was grown with ionizers.

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