Perfect PC fan carbon filter

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  1. It's a decent light trap, too.

    Use this fan: [ame][/ame]

    And put this:

    carbon filter between the grill and the fan.

    You should rip up small pieces of duct tape and adhere them to the corners of the filter where you're gonna screw the grill onto the fan.

    Make sure to orient the grill so that there is room between the fan blades and grill. It must face outwards.

    The fan is kinda loud, but it is super effective! It moves air at a max 115cfm or something like that.

    One love yo
  2. CFM matters but those fans dont push much air.. the cfm doesnt have much force behind it meaning it losses a lot of the rating and it cant blow thru light traps as easy..
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    Cfm means cubic feet per minute. I don't understand your explanation of how cfm doesn't reflect how much air is pushed.

    I'm sure different fans have varying ability to maintain their peak force when acted upon by negative pressure, but I don't understand what you said.

    With that said, I can say the pc fan has done me proud through my first grow.
  4. Did you just have 1 of those fans with 1 filter? If so what size space were you filtering and how many plants of what size?

    Just curious, I'm not sure how much power/filtration I'll need.
  5. You want the fan to pull the air in, not push it in. That makes it wayy stronger. Im guessing you want 70cfm+ to have any results with this.

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