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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by --jamminout--, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. yo guys sorry i haven't posted in such a long time! I've been really busy lately with a lot of personal buisness but i've got myself back online to say hi and good morning everyone!

    so i did a little wake and bake this morning, i actually rolled up two spliff's this morning with the last gram of purple kush i had bought over the weekend. One of them was actually a lot thicker then the other so i smoked the small one first and let me tell you wow!!!!

    lol so anyway what are u guys up to this mornin':hello::wave:
  2. Waiting for my mommy to come home so she can get me 2g from her friends dealer husband :D
  3. Haha thats the shit.

    God is pissing on us here in Arizona badly.

  4. ahaha

    Your mom: Ok son I'm going to get some weed, how much would you like?
  5. haha, i wish, more like
    Me: You said u can get me pot from the neighbor right?
    Mom: FUCK YOU BITCH!!! I HAVE A MEETING!!! (Greatly exaggerated)
    Me: :(
    Mom: Fine, when I get back k?

  6. hahahahahha perfect!!!!!!

    lol pots for you
  7. Yay!:D

    Now, whats the absolute most hilarious thing I could possibly smoke it out of when said pots is obtained?

  8. ummmmmmm

    your mom's bong
  9. Coke can lol

  10. haha i was thinking that but i also want him to have fun..
  11. Lol she doesnt have one, she uses mine

    Thats too grade school classic lol, last week I was vaping it in a lightbulb, I wanna top that lol

  12. A McFlurry spoon :p

    Hiya, [[jamminout]] :wave:

    Long time, no see!

    Bout to wake n bake myself...cheers! :smoking:

  13. lol idk man, lightbulb vapin pretty bad for u....umm why not make a bong or bubbler out of a bottle
  14. Yeah my friend made it, I didnt think it was a good idea, after he left I googled it and realized hes a dumbass and didnt do it right, (your supposed to use a burnt out bulb or it can explode)

    And for the bottle, I litteraly have one right beside me from a few days ago, so thats no fun lol

    PS Id deffinitly do the McFlurry spoon if I had one, next time I get one Im soo doing it lol
  15. Ok this is my first post im just going to be honest about what I did this morning.
    So I woke up (after having a crazy lucid dream I may add) ready to get stoned, wake and bake. I went under my bed to get by blunt wraps out and my bud but realized I only had a tiny bit of brown shit left in the bag lol. So I hit up my dealer Jamel, this guy is black probably weighs 250lbs all muscle and is 6'11" tall. I made my way to the spot, this is at like 530 AM in the morning too. I get to the spot and my man was in a bad mood because he had broke his bowl the night before, he said it was because he was wasted and tried pcp. He had noting to smoke out of, I showed him my blunt wraps and he rolled a fat one, literally 3 grams in this blunt and it was good shit too. We started blazing the blunt :smoking: when I see flashing lights coming in the distance :eek:. I told Jamal, he said "bull shit they aint comin fo me, I aint never gettin cought" before I knew it Jamal pulls a rifle out of the trunk of his car and before I could run we were both surrounded by 7- 12 cops in all directions. The cops told me to leave, they just wanted to catch the dealer.

    Pretty good morning I must say. I got to smoke for free and get really stoned. And I got away from a drug bust as well as multiple cops seeing me hitting a fatty. Here I am now still stoned and just thinking about how bad that could have turned out... o yeah one bad thing, now I am in need of a new dealer! lol
  16. Welcome, and man that sounds awesome, I envy your morning so much, mine was nothing but a fusion of the night before cuz ive been awake for 4 days straight:(

  17. ha yeah it was the crazyest thing that ever happened to me, im thinking about quitting because of it. But why were you up the last 4 days?!
  18. I dont even know, maybe its insomnia, It just feels like the middle of the day all the time, Im in no way tired, and too wired to sleep, hopefully a few bowls will put me out :)

    Ps Personally I dont think thats something to quit over, lol just be more careful

  19. Yeah I just get really paranoid when stoned. Just smoke a lot of mids and you should be put right to sleep LOL thats what I do.
  20. I don't get paranoid anymore, I honestly miss it though, it provided many a funny memory.

    And hopefully im getting some dank :D

    And I realized whats been keeping me up, the accursed iron grip of /b/ arg lol

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