Perfect Leaf. Dried Brown Spot

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  1. Is this a deficiency? This has never happened to me before.


    O.G. Kush Clones - 3 days after cut


    Blue Cookies - 3 days after cut
  2. Possibly heavy on nutes or was you to close to the light?

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  3. They’re fed perfect pH’d oxygen rich water. There’s also no direct lighting.
  4. They do look like a def. What nutes you using

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  5. it’s tap water. without chlorine. with hydrogen peroxide. GH pH + and -
  6. why would fresh clones need nutrients right away? they need to at least start rooting before introducing them.
  7. So how long have you had them in medium? What medium you using? You don't use root stim?

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  8. I use rockwool. When cutting I use Clonex. They’ve been in the rockwool for 3 days.
  9. only like 5 out of mmhmhmh are like this

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