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  1. Been a while since I grew anything and figured lets have another go and have some fun!
    I have grown a bunch and have tried it all... Soil, Soilless, Hydro, Aero, (have not done fog yet)

    My advice to any grower is this! If you are going to do it, DO IT RITE! :D

    first up I ordered some new seeds from ATTITUDE! arrived perfect of course. Got 5 strawberry haze fem, 5 train wreck, and some freebies, (strawberry blue, grapefruit kush, trinity kush, and some auto that i gave away... lol)

    first thing is first I am a single strain at a time grower I like it better that way.

    doing the strawberry blue.

    MY set up consists of two areas, VEG and Flower.

    2ft 4 bulb HO T5
    4 inch holmes fan
    10x20 tray with 7in dome
    10x20 heat pad
    1.5in rock wool cubes
    16 oz solo cups
    coco coir
    small humidifier
    cheap temp and humidity meter off amazon records current, hi&lo

    mother earth grow
    sensei cal mg grow
    voodoo juice
    carboload (food for beneficials)

    2x4x5 tent from hydro source SEALED!
    400w diamond series LED from ADVANCED LED!!! the BOMB!
    4in inline fan at 190cfm with 12x6 carbon scrubber recirculating
    5lb co2 tank and regulator running off timer.
    6 3 gallon root maker pots but only going to use 4
    growing in 100% coco coir
    2 supplemental 4 inch fans by holmes blowing upwards from under canopy

    mother earth bloom
    sensi cal mg bloom
    voodoo juice
    bud candy
    over drive
    final phase
  2. Pics of setup?
  3. I began this thread about three weeks after i began but was keeping a journal.
    let me catch you guys up to speed. pics will be coming soon promise!

    2/18/12 - Germinated my strawberry blue seed
    paper towel method in the heated dome in the dark.

    2/19/12 - popped within 24 hours and placed into a rinsed and ph'd rock wool cube and turned the T5 on. WE are off ladies and gentleman

    2/23/12 - girl is standing tall with first set of true leaves. prop dome is off and now its just patience.

    2/25/12 - first set are big and first set of three is comin in. roots starting to show moving to 16oz solo cup with coco coir and going to feed just water along with beneficials. (voodoo juice, tarantula, piranha, carboload to feed benecials and a little b52 for vitamins.

    2/29/12 - the middle leaves on the sets of three are green but wavy. prob a little close to T5 ill raise two or three inches. also just water feeding

    3/3/12 - well that seemed to fix problem first set of 5 comin in and only those two leaves looked funny. holy crap roots are comin out of cup lol hooray for AN beneficials. still just water though
    (included picture)

    3/9/12 - going to give 1/4 strength nutes, (see my first post for veg lineup minus beneficials they were added already and wont use again until transplant to 3 gal pots and first two weeks of flower)

    3/14/12 - second set of 5 is comin out and the roots are insane! i poked a lot of holes and slits to promote air pruning and root branching. and it is working!

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  4. i will definitely add more pics of everything in detail.
    i started almost 4 weeks ago it will all be coming by end of week. make sure to follow along!

    all questions and comments are appreciated!
  5. Pics or it didnt happen :D
  6. So i came home today and saw that my "second set of 5" was actually my first set of 7!
    I cleaned up my rootmaker 5" pot and transplanted out of the solo cup. I wish i had taken a picture Of the roots they were so insane. Bright white and filled entire cup.

    I am Currently taking pics of the entire set up and will put them up tonight.

    Watered 1 liter water filtered with a zero filter with
    3.5 ml mother earth grow
    2ml sensi cal mg
    2ml b52

    And since i transplanted i did beneficials again too.
    2ml tarantula
    2ml piranha
    2ml voodoo juice
    2ml sensizyme
    2ml carbo load (again just food for beneficials)

    I let the excess run off collect in a tray to soak back up because i manually feed and just incase it was to dry before i got to check... Coco coir is really quick to drain and dry
  7. Ok so long awaited pictures are here...

    It is hard for me to take pics during week so most of those will happen on weekends but I will give updates during the week.

    Just hit 4 weeks today. She actually has exceptional growth especially the grow heads at the nodes. I cant wait until it is a little bigger so that I can take clones and get this grow MOVING!

    I will now be feeding regular strength nutrients. I got a 1 gallon watering can that I filled up and mixed
    5 ml/l mother earth tea grow
    2 ml/l sensi cal mg grow
    2 ml/l b52

    I of course used zero water and put an airstone in the can to keep it fresh

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  8. Nice work, looking good.

    Couple of questions for ya!

    Is there a reason you have your filter/exhaust sitting on the floor? Is this a space issue up top of the grow area? Reason I ask is I had the impression it was better to have it up high to better capture and expel the hotter air and also aid in circulation if your intake is down the opposite bottom corner.

    I like the little fans you have on the floor, are the sitting on a custom mount? what are they sitting on?

    Will be following this, thought about going to coco in pots similar but just love the speed of a DWC.
  9. this is actually a "perfect room" setup which means closed to outside air. the filter on bottom recirculates out to fan and back into tent from the top just to move, clean, deoderize air. i have co2 so the tent is as close to airtight as possible. im using leds which give off no heat and the room the tent is in is air conditioned as well.

    the fans on floor are holmes 4 in personal fans u can buy online they are freestanding and adjustable angle the blow up from bottom to assist with the 4 in inline fan that is connected to filter to move air up from bottom helps a lot to keep humidity down also move co2 back up because it naturally sinks. also people underestimate how well the leaves protect plant from environment. when blown up from bottom it reAlly moves through canopy nicely and strengthens plant

    i like dwc As well i am particularly interested in under current systems. i have done similar to undercurrent but not exact before. i did not do automated because iv had experience losing a crop to power failure and wanted reliable. i would however add an automated system to put in another tent when i get a chance. its been over a year since my last grow so im starting from scratch. coco grows FAST. like really FAST. you should try it just follow my journal you will be impressed
  10. so today first set of 9 is out and second set is comin probably going to be 9 again if it goes to 11 ill be pretty impressed.

    also doing a little work this week i purchased black fiberglass window screen to cover drain holes on my 3 gal rootmaker pots. i dont want to clean the mess! lol. im going to individually cover each hole which about and inch and there are like 50 in each pot and 6 pots so i got my work cut out for me but like i said do it rite from beginning!!
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    ok so update Growth is absolutely phenomenal!!! It did stop at sets of 9 leaves for now.. it did not go to 11 but i did not expect it to. (possibly once we flower :rolleyes: )

    Nutes are at about 3/4 strength

    mother earth grow - 7.5ml / l
    sensi cal mg grow - 2ml / l
    b-52 - 2ml / l

    i started LST on the plant. i use balloon ribbon to tie it down to the top holes n pot. i go around in a circle hitting every other hole one at a time to open up branches a bit. This is not actually to promote bud sites but rather to hurry up lower branches so I can use them as clones then I will untie the plant and flower it while the clones catch up.

    Also I decided to switch out the 3 gallon rootmakers for 2 gallon rootbuilder 2's that way I could fit a few more and flower them a little smaller but faster. It also gives me enough room to not have to have all the plants in the same stage of flower but put them in as they are ready hence flowering the mother while the clones root then putting them in after i can take clones off them.. few weeks I should have between 8-10 plants in flower at all different stages and probably keep like 4 in veg continuing the process.

    included pics of plant it is at 4 1/2 weeks
    this is only 5 days from taking last picture to give you an idea of the growth rates I am getting.

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  12. Ok so I noticed that my humidity is a little low like 37% when humidifier is off and heat is a little hi.. my Hi temp showed 88f today and my low was like 77.. it was cool this morning so we left with A/C off and then it got hot during the day. plant was fine but the tray was dry! and the coco was on its way to dry.

    i came up with a good solution..
    first off - fill the damn Co2 tank! that will help open stomata so that it is more heat tolerant. although it did not show any signs of anything other than beautiful lush green growth.
    second - make sure humidifier is filled and on in morning. brought humidity rite back to about 58%
    third - i got a tupperware and cut the lid so that i could fit the pot in. used it as a tray and added an airstone and overwatered a bit so that it can wick that water up if it needs and its almost a DWC. pics will follow by tomorrow night.

    also when i got home today the LST I started this morning was already standing straight again so I did the 3rd tie down. im sure it will take atleast til the end of weekend for this one to stand. I did it pretty high up.
  13. [quote name='"green ninja"']Ok so long awaited pictures are here...

    It is hard for me to take pics during week so most of those will happen on weekends but I will give updates during the week.

    Just hit 4 weeks today. She actually has exceptional growth especially the grow heads at the nodes. I cant wait until it is a little bigger so that I can take clones and get this grow MOVING!

    I will now be feeding regular strength nutrients. I got a 1 gallon watering can that I filled up and mixed
    5 ml/l mother earth tea grow
    2 ml/l sensi cal mg grow
    2 ml/l b52

    I of course used zero water and put an airstone in the can to keep it fresh[/quote]

    Hey mate nice work so far, what led grow light are u using?
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  15. Good luck Subbing for a fellow ninja
  16. Ok sorry took so long for update but damn I was busy this weekend!

    ok so... where to begin

    first the quick lst worked like a charm and got me some nice candidates for clones. I took 3 for now.

    -they all had at least two sets of nodes.
    -cut from plant and placed rite into a cup of zero water.
    -took off bottom branches so all that was left was set of nodes plus new growth shoot.
    -cut at 45 degree angle and sliced bottom of stem about 1/4 inch to expose inside for more rooting surface area.
    -dipped in clonex
    -placed in ph'd 1.5in rockwool cubes
    - I also used a 1/4 strength b52 solution with some voodoo juice in the soaking for some b vitamins and the enzymes tend to help against shock.
    - misted and placed in humidity dome.

    - at first I used a heating pad but shit it was hot man so i took it away it seems to be fogging up pretty nice in the dome now without being torture for the babies

    been 3 days no roots yet but u can see by pics that they are standing and still lookin decent im sure they will be good.

    On another note. After I took the clones I released the LST ties and let the plant stand back straight. As I mentioned the LST was just to jump start clones sites.
    I must say that after a day or two the top growth was looking a little yellow but I think that was just some minor stress from switching auxin hormones back and forth by training and releasing and taking clones.
    After it stood back up I transplanted into 3 gallon rootmaker pot and you can see by pics my roots were just amazing.. (maybe another reason for a little yellow caz they were running out of growing room.)
    it is now under the LED but still on 24hr light.
    it was freakishly hot lately and the tent was at like 90 degrees so I switched from recirculating air to exaust. So I will be switching to timer to figure out Co2 situation.

    ***Question for other growers***
    I was wondering.. since he tent and the veg shelf are in a closet and I keep the closet closed. do you think the Co2 can just go in closet and get sucked into the tent as well from the intake vents? they have a lot of suction actually beacuse the 4in fan is 190cfm and the tent is only 4x2x5. that way the whole closet gets the co2.. I feel if I run it from the top it will work.
    included a rough sketch
  17. for some reason it didnt upload in last post

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  18. and here is the Co2 sketch

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  19. Ok sooo.... Scratch that last idea.... I was unaware at how much heat the led actually gave off. Came home to fried clones but the main plant was good. A lil mad at me but good.

    Heat was at 99! I removed circulating air so that exaust runs to a hole in closet ceiling. I was exausting into closet and again i am SHOCKED at the heat from the led.

    I got the temps down from 99 to 77 within an an hour of noticing but it was there for at lleast a day or two...

    Saw more potential clones on the plant so i will take them this weekend now that heat problems are in order (hopefully).

    Anyone with advice on getting cool air in please dont hesitate. I left vents on bottom of tent open while exaust goes out top to hole in ceiling.
    I put the carbon scrubber rite above the light so hopefully as heat rises it goes rite into the scrubber. I can leave the ac on in the room the closet is in but inwant to avoid relying on that
  20. You have to keep the room temperature beneath the ideal tent temperature. If your bedroom hits 80 degrees it doesn't matter how much air you're moving, the tent will be at least 80 degrees. Air conditioning for indoor grows is important during the coming months.

    An intake fan will drastically help your air flow. I have been known to use a 4" axial fan in one of the air vents of my 5x5 tent to improve air flow. If my intake temperature is 72 degrees, and my tent is at 78 degrees, then by adding the axial fan I would be able to take the tent temperature down to 75 or 76 degrees. It reduces the deviance of the intake air and the tent temperature, not by a lot, but by enough. This helps when the bedroom needs to be kept around 74 degrees for comfort.

    More fans = more noise. Not much that can be done about it though.

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