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  1. Name Somone Who Would Make The Perfect Girlfriend/Boyfriend,Wife/Husband,SexBuddy,etc from a tv show,cartoon,movie or a real person anyone:)
  2. Your mom
  3. You know i'm gonna call out Jenny.
  4. Id pick pam from the office
  5. My husband, he's amazing.

    Failing that someone like Ryan Reynolds, that personality and looks. Or Will Smith. Funny and hot. I don't care who you are or where you're from, as long as you laugh me.
  6. Haileyissoarx aha
  7. I've actually been really happy with the girl I've been seeing. The sex is great, we are best friends, and can have fun doing anything together. :)
  8. One of the most beautiful creatures on this planet
  9. The one that cooks. :cool:
  10. Um Sarah Silverman?

    Yea fuck I dont know, dont pay enough attention to celebrities to know things like that
  11. From youtube?:)
  12. My perfect person in real life is Kelsey. She isnt famous but there is no one on this earth more perfect for me. She left me though... but if I had to choose someone else it'd have to be Dat Ass
    God, yes.
  13. Jesus <3
  14. My girlfriend, Jessica. We'll probably never ends up married, but we have two children together. We both compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses very well.
  15. Why not marry?
  16. My wife. Duh.
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    We just don't see the point in it. A piece of paper changes nothing. Marriage is non-essential and is a waste of time and money. The money we would spend on a wedding could be spent on our children, food, clothes, rent, and our other wants/needs instead.
  18. What time would marriage be wasting? It isn't a waste of time if you're commited to being together anyway, it is just a solidified commitment. It doesn't have to be expensive if you don't want it to be, you could get married at a registry office and boom it's done.

    Sorry, I just find it offensive when people rubbish marriage like that. If you had just said "neither of us have any interest in being married" I wouldn't care. I bet your gf would be over the moon if you asked her to marry you.
  19. But if youre already committed to being together, why complicate things? What's in a marriage?

    I as a man would never get married unless it's for tax purposes and she'd be signing a prenup with no alimony. Alimony is such bullshit, imo.

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