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Perfect dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ACCOUNT DEACTIVATED, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. In your opinion what makes the perfect neighbourhood dealer?

  2. The fact that not everyone in the neighborhood knows he is a dealer.

    Answers his phone when he can.

    Has variety, reasonable prices, makes up for lost ground.
  3. My local dealers called cheddz, not cos he sells cheese strain, just cos he STINKS OF CHEEESE! and yeh i hate dealers who never answer, a paranoid dealer is never cool!
  4. the dude on here that said he grows weed cause it's fun and he doesn't even smoke, just gives it to his friends so they don't have to deal with dealers lol
  5. Hell yeh! The reason there called "dealers" is because most people can't hack them, but any sted head trying to make money of selling weed while smashing in grams of god knows what is going to be hard to deal with lmao :p
  6. I hate when people are unreliable and late. I wont deal with those types. My roomie and I have the same connect and pay schedule so we re up at the same time, and spend a lot of money on it. If someone starts being late, etc I just move on to the next one. I usaully buy a zip a week of the best I can find.
  7. I don't like drug dealers . I buy off pot merchants , the word dealer bugs
  8. reliable, always available, always has product ready to sell, has good product, friendly, not intimidating, etc.
  9. Saul from Pineapple express. Gives the good guys the best shit, tokes up with you, and gives the dicks the snicklefritz
  10. Answers your phone calls, gives you a good deal for your $$, doesn't make you wait around for hours to pick up, not sketchy, makes deals quick & easy, has good bud, will be straight up if the weed isn't as quality as usual......
  11. Think you pretty much just wrapped it up brother! :p
  12. Raaaaaaaaa :smoke:
  13. My dude's an asshole when it comes to selling me bud. He's a family friend, has his card and license to grow. My father and I have dinner with him and his family at his house every once in a while. But he'll say "Iiight bro i got you in 20 minutes!" Ill call him 2 hours later, "I'm right down the street!" .........another hour "yo dude you still comin?" Yeah I gotchu! He shows up in another hour and a half... I'm used to it by now so i call him way ahead of time :p But he gives me CRAZY good prices for dank ass buds. I cant find a better deal from anyone else
  14. Just a normal guy who happens to really enjoy bud and grows it exclusively for himself and his friends.
  15. [quote name='"MondoFiction"']Just a normal guy who happens to really enjoy bud and grows it exclusively for himself and his friends.[/quote]

    Sounds like me!
  16. Quality Stains
    Reliable to Contact/Meetup
  17. Some one who:

    -Delivers or lives close by
    -Has quality bud.
    -Shows up on time or close to.
    -Answers his phone, is available.
    -Is reliable, not a douche.
  18. -has the same strain, all the time
    -bad quality
    -shady as fuck

    that's my perfect dealer

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