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  1. Before i even start the story theres some things you need to know i live in an apartment with my mom she dosnt know that i smoke. Now next to my apartment are train tracks. But between my apartment and the tracks is a side walk,a side street, another side walk and a mini forest about 15 feet wide and 1/2 mile long and then the train tracks. Ok thats basiclly it now to the story

    This morning i woke up wanting a square so i was about to just light one up in my room since i was home alone. But today i was feeling a little adventurous and decided to go check out that forest and see what i can find and ill smoke a square there. Now when you walk up to the forest theres a spot were you can straight threw to the tracks it is also on a hill. So i walked about 5 feet up it and got to the peak of it. And i was amazed to the left and right of me there was a path going through the whole forest with cigerate buds and roaches everywere seems i wasnt the first to think to smoke here. So to there right of me about 12ft away was a perfect tree to sit on, it actually kinda looked like a couch. It took me about 10 min to clear out all the branches and twigs to walk to it but when i did it was worth itso i got comfy and lit up my square and it the most chill thing ever just sitting there hearing birds chirp and shit watching cars go past on the street behind the tracks and i just sat there for about a hour smoking square after square just watching the cars and thinking how i wished i had some bud right now and my life would be complete lol eventually i got thirsty so i had to go back home but now anytime i need to smoke a squareim doing it there

    well thats my story i know its kinda long sorry. So have any of you guys found a sick ass spot to smoke? If so post below if not post what kinda spot you would want
  2. I have no chill spot to smoke but anything outside with an awesome view is always chill.
  3. Im waiting to get some weed and smoke there i have never actually smoked outside so i feel it will be a life changing expirence
  4. There's a mini forest where I live. It used to be a sanctuary for smokers. There were logs set up and chairs and couches...but one day it got burned down. Me and buds still smoke there though.

  5. I seen a place like that once sick ass hell but i was a lot younger then and didnt smoke yet so i just looked around it lol but thats sick ass hell you should try and re-make it

    and im about to smoke a blunt and a square there right now
    :smoke: just hope i dont get caught
  6. What is this 'square' you speak of?
  7. Yeah I was wondering that ahahah :smoke:
  8. In a hidden part of town we found a an old shed covering a really old fire hydrant. Then the next day we dragged some comfy seats of peoples lawns and made it into a smoke spot. We were sooo proud but about a month ago a homeless dude moved sucks

  9. A square is a cigarette lol

  10. Haha ik i feel like ima go back one night and theres gunna be a homeless guy sleeping there or some shit

  11. summer night walks are the best man. its tranquilizing. definitely a great experience
  12. i know about a few perfect chill spots. one is right outside a parking lot and a small trolley station. theres a small dirt trail leading to a couple big tree roots perfect for sitting two or three people. not to mention the spot overlooks a baseball field for a great view. theres just enough trees in the way so you wouldnt have to worry about being seen.

    another spot in one in my neighborhood outside a park. a trail leads to a big rock which is perfect for sitting on. this spot overlooks a small part of town for a good view. however there is a minor risk because that spot is actually the property of someone so we would always have to have a lookout.
  13. Dam those sound sick^ and the only problem with my spot is you have to be quiet cuz its only a few feet into the forest
  14. Posted this before but I love sharing it. Me and a friend found this place after a half hour adventure into nowhere, our spot is just on the left bank. We named it nirvana.


  15. :eek: you sir were granted a gift from the weed gods use it wisely and smoke there as much as you can:smoke:
  16. texas? i got it from square

  17. I had guessed that oddly haha.

    I saw this and was like "that looks like home" then saw your location, did look like my side of the atlantic :cool:

    However when we were younglings looking to get out the house and smoke we used to roam over the fields by our houses to the railway line, there was an old brick shack next to the track, window looking out over the field was perfect, dry, warm and sly.

    Miss it sometimes but having you're own place is WAY better.

    However last few days I've been toking with my mates on surf trip, was epic sat in the van watching the waves crash on the Atlantic smoking a joint. :smoke:

  18. summer night walks got me into smoking. :smoke:

  19. its on my bucket list to smoke all day at a beach with a bunch of my friends
  20. rent a shitty apartment for like 200$ a month and make it a party house go there party and get high then trash the place fill the toilet and bathtub with shit and just completely trash it i seen it on worlds worst tenants once.

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