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  1. Hey GC! I've done a couple of good LED grows and I'm starting a new, highly experimental one this week, so follow along if you like! What makes this special, you ask?

    This will be an LED grow supplimented with some CFLs and LST. The LST will be a horizontal train so I can have a row of plants under LED panels. My upgraded rig consists of:

    90W LED UFO
    16W LED blue/red Panels (two)
    16W LED Blue only
    16W LED Red Only
    60W CFL 6500k for vegetative phase only (two)
    60W CFL 2700k for flowering phase only (two)

    According to an article written by Ed Rosenthal, “When blue light is turned on during the dark period, plants photosynthesize but their flowering isn't affected. This results in more growth as the plants produce more sugars. Before LED lights it was difficult to create a pure blue light.”

    So- what I intend to do is have all my lights on timers for flowering 12/12, except the blue panel, which I will run 24/0 during flowering. This could lead to a shorter flowering period/ increased yield. We will see!

    I’ve already started 7 seeds with 100% germination. They are sprouting now under the 90W UFO. I’ll be happy if even just 2 of them are female… pics to follow!

    P.S. - In “light” of some of the nasty comments I've seen around GC regarding LEDs and in general, just be aware- this is experimental, and as such I'm doing this to see what happens. No predetermined goal here, the results will be what they may and hopefully good or bad, we all learn something from it! Cheers!
  2. Great to see you doing this Pere!

    I'm a LED grower myself and seek to overcome the stigma :D and improve the grows.
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    Subscribed Pere TY.
    saaz, did you know there is a group of LED heads called growing with LED? You are welcome to join and there's good info there. It's a social group in the communities section, take a look mang. V
  4. Gotta see this one. One of our LED's has to kick some ass. GOOD LUCK Bro..
  5. Pere, any update to the grow. I'm an LED grower myself and I read the same article from Ed. I am very optimistic about this whole 24hr blue light method. It makes sense because only shades and/or wavelengths of red light affect flowering, I think? If your grow works out with the blue light, I'm definitely in or I may just have to try it myself sooner. Thanks!
  6. Hey Builder- I'll have an update and some pics up soon, they've been growing about 3 weeks and are looking good! I've already noticed some interesting effects from the use of the pure blue and pure red panels...
  7. Are you doing this journal without pics Pere?
  8. Pere,

    Just wondering how the grow is coming along? Are there any pictures yet? How about some of your preliminary results of the blue light on during the regular schedule of 12/12? By the way, thanks for doing this research, with so much that could go wrong.
    -The Builder
  9. Are you still at it?? v

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