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  1. So I got a few percs from a friend today. They are 5/500 I believe. Wondering how many would be good to take. I am about 5' 6" and 125 lbs with no opiate tolerance. My only other experience with opiates was a couple years ago with some vicodin.
  2. Ugh too much APAP for me.
    Ill still with the OC's.
  3. pop 3-4 if you dont ever do them. Smoke a bowl about an hour after popping, and chill the fizzuck out..

    but on a serious note, i look at the front page of Pandoras box, and theres probably 5 threads about the same time please do SOME effort in looking for your answer, INSTEAD of making another thread..:wave::smoking::smoking:

    be safe mann
  4. dude no offense but you didnt answer what he was asking...

    to the OP: take 3 or 4.
  5. are those 5mg?? i say only take 2-3 first time..then take like 4

    im on rockaset now its a 30mg version of percocet...there awsome.:D
  6. 3-4 should be a good dose.
  7. I would take 4.
  8. yo there is one of these threads for low grade painkillers with a bunch of tylenol in them every day
  9. 2g of APAP is borderline liver damage territory. 3 should be your max dose of those.
  10. 3 and make sure you chew them up.
  11. No, its not.

    Someone can take around 6000 mg and not have any liver damage.

    Personally, I would never go over 4000 mg in a day, which is 8 pills with 500 mg each.
  12. I just did a perc 30..(oxycodone 30mg) and smoked a fat blunt.

    I'm feeling nice. So I don't know 4-5 of them?
  13. I'm 5"11, 140ish lbs, few weeks ago took 4 for the first time and smoked a blunt. I was at a party with my girlfriend and we just ended up laying on the couch for most of the time. I drove there and back as well with no difficulty.
  14. Yeah, and "someone" can drink a handle of everclear without liver failure as well. This statement is as just as true as yours but that doesn't mean that doing either is SAFE, at least in general.

    Acute liver failure typically doesn't occur until doses around 200mg/kg. However doses as low as 50mg/kg have been shown to cause minor liver damage. Nothing serious--maybe nothing even detectable, but this sort of thing adds up. To be on the safe side, I'd keep 2g as the limit, especially since this guy weighs 125 lbs (as which weight, 50mg/kg IS under 3g).

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