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  1. SWIM has 3 endo 602's remaining which are perocet 5mg (oxycodone) 325 APAP and wanted to know if anyone had taken them by insufflating instead of orally. Last night I popped two of them oral on a empty stomach and was a very nice night with the combo of cannabis.. I would love to take all 15mg but im limited at this time and and either thinking about taking two tonight orally or maybe 1.5 insufflated. I know that these are not pure oxycodone they have 325mg APAP (Acetaminophen) which is not a lot so yea is it worth it or the affects will be the same as if taken orally.

    SWIM also has Kadian, kadian is morphine and SWIM says they are 30mg time release. If you open up the capsule you will see the little balls inside which can be crushed up. SWIM does not prefer these has much, morphine does not have the opiate type high compared to hydrocodone, oxycodone, so if anyone has experience with these offer some advise for SWIM..
  2. The best bet is to just take them orally.. i hear this and that "if u crush them then swallow them, crush and chew them" ect ect, no with all codiene type pills the best is to just swallow them on an empty stomech with water. usally takes 10-15 mins to kick in and its a wonderfull high, weed mixes great with it and although thare only 5's and he has 3 of them, hell still feel it.
  3. Yeah man I hear ya, SWIM will probably only take 1.5 or just 1 cause the percs are like 2 or 3 of the 5mg vics so it will be chill with some weed. Haven't ate anything since breakfest so they should kick in nicely:smoking:
  4. Yeah man, SWIM isn't used here and it's kinda weird.

    What you say here can't get you in trouble.
  5. an old habit, don't even think about but yea it is a lil weird here eh.
  6. my experience

    end of my night. .. well I ended up taking 7.5mg oxycodone just so I would have equal half for some other night to chill but ok back to this on a empty stomach and drove down to my friends place just in time for them to kick in nicely and i get over there smoke couple bowls of weed and the high is strong big time and I start getting the spins a little but im soo relaxed.. eat the mickie D's and chill drinking a beer to add to it and watch a movie, some game.. one thing my friend didn't have much of, was WEED :eek: was like damn and I live 30 mins out so we scrape the last bowl and make that hit good, but im allready good really I just want it to last.

    back home now, just taken a soma and will be relaxing good and looking soo forwrad to sleep. im still really good from the previous combo, although my mind is racing big time, maybe from the weed or what but having a small panic attack, like the spins a little bit but im waiting waiting for the soma to kick in..
  7. Gah panic attacks suck.
  8. yea morpine pills suck balls when taken orally, i think you need to mainline them to get that great morphine high junkies talk about

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