Percs or Ice Catcher?

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  1. I've decided it's about time to go ahead and pick up a good glass bong, but I'm kind of on a budget right now. I've seen a lot that I like, but they'll either have she nice percs on them, or an ice catcher. I'm having trouble finding one with both.. So what I'm asking is if given the choice would you rather have a bong with percs, or a nice catcher?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. Some one please reply, I have basically the same question
  3. Percs for sure. You can always crush some ice and put it in the bong.
  4. I'm not a fan of ice, once the ice starts melting it can really mess up the water level in a piece. My friend had a sick syn with some reverse shower heads in it, but he always put ice in it. By the end of the session I could barely pull it thanks to the excess water.
  5. I've got a black leaf, 6 arm perc with Ice notches its also a beaker base, I love it dunno why everyone hates on black leaf...
  6. I hate ashcatchers. People say they keep your shit clean and they do but I just dont like the drag they give. Kinda pointless IMO
  7. I'd say go with the perc. Showerheads are GREAT and way easy to clean, also not fragile as fuck like tree percs. Inline ones are great too. I own both and would choose the showerhead over inline. Bubbles up so nicely. Ice catchers are great too for really cool hits, but as someone mentioned, the water level shit can get kind of annoying. Takes about 30 mins to an hour for it to melt in my piece and after a good sesh where you're stoned and ready to couch lock, it can be a pain to pour out the water from the melted ice and to repack the bong with new ice. The hits are VERY cool though, really easy on my throat.
    It's really a matter of preference. 
  8. [quote name="iHappy" post="19339033" timestamp="1389721593"]I hate ashcatchers. People say they keep your shit clean and they do but I just dont like the drag they give. Kinda pointless IMO[/quote]Lmao :)
  9. its pretty obvious that you can toss a few cubes on top of the percs.....
  10. I picked up a nice bong, no clue the brand name lol, had a nice tree perc with ice notches a little higher above the perc. The perc is amazing, sends smoke up to your lungs so smooth, but I find myself not really putting ice in it. Just like the dude said about the water levels. I say go with percs over notches. The perc will make your hits soooo smooth, ice will only cool it a little bit, won't add a nice smoothness to it, ya know? Whatever you choose, enjoy it manSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. Thanks for the advice, I'll probably end up going with the percsSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  12. I bought my first nice glass bong the other day. i spent 165$ and got a 4 arm tree perc, ice catcher and an ash catcher. thing hits so smooth. the ash catcher keeps it nice and clean. and the ice just keeps it cool. i would go with the perc if you would rather it be smoother. if you want something easier on the throat then go with the ice notches.
  13. OP : where are you finding percs w/o ice catches? they are pretty much standard on all tubes i know GC offers allot of styles as well.

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