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  1. Hey guys so my beautiful water pipe broke this morning and I went out to buy a cheap replacement ($15). It has a single percolator in it and I've never used a percolator bong. My issue is, whenever I hit it, the water in the bottom chamber bubbles normally but the water in the perc doesn't. Also, whenever I pull the downstem to clear it, I get no bubbles whatsoever and it feels like a dry hit. Any suggestions?


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  2. Pour water down the mouthpiece until those small holes in the percolator are submerged and try again ;) And just wondering; are you high right now? Because the downstem is what forces the smoke thru the water, if you pull it out the incoming air will simply skip the water and go straight up ;)
  3. Yeah every time I tried to submerge the holes, the water would just leak back out of them and into the lower chamber. And in my other bongs, the water continues to bubble without the downstem. They just bubble whenever someone was pulling air/smoke into their lungs (with or without the downstem). Maybe I've just got weird pieces ‍♀️

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  4. You tried it like this? bong12.jpg

    If the water flows down after filling it to that point it might be faulty, these are often made in China where the average glass blower doesn't even know what a bong is or does so that's why some have really poor function.

    So your saying the bowl and downstem are one piece? The water doesn't have to bubble when you clear it tho, most bongs with a carb hole don't bubble when you clear them. Don't know if yours has one but maybe buy a downstem with a detachable bowl if you really want it to bubble when clearing it :)
  5. Based on what u said, I think it's just faulty, considering how cheap it is. Thanks for the help!

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  6. Look at it and figure out why it's not bubbling when you pull on the downstem. Because if you're bypassing the water completely, you're probably pulling the stem out to where air is just going into the pipe from around the stem, not through it. Are you sure you don't have a separate bowl that you should just be pulling up instead, not the whole stem?
  7. Yeah I'm sure, the bowl is connected to the downstem. Can't really figure out why it's not working, to be completely honest. I had a glass-enthusiast friend look at it and he thinks it's just cheaply-made and faulty.

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  8. Don't buy China glass and save yourself the headache.

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  9. Learned that lesson the hard way, but thanks

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