Percolater or Not?

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  1. I have just made some extra money to spend on some new glass.
    My question is if 2 bongs were the same price but one is a double tree 8 arm perc with 7mm glass and the brand is PURE GLASS and the other is a 5mm RooR bong with no Percolater both with difusser downstems about the same height with an inline precooler.

    Wich of the two would be a smoother hit in your opinion?
  2. Depending on the diffuser, a PURE straight can hit just as well as the ROOR. I'm sorry people but it's just the way it is and yes I've compared side by side before. That being said, the perc'd PURE may be a bit questionable with janky welds and draggy percs. Honestly, I'm more of a straight tube guy. If I want extra filtration, I'd get an AC. In my opinion, AC's are pointless on perc'd tubes.

    Wow I'm just rambling my feelings on glass sorry. Okay so not everyone will agree but I say straight PURE with no percs, make sure the diffy is good, and get a quality AC. If that's not available just go with the ROOR.

  3. While I'd agree with most of what you said, I would disagree about ac's being pointless on perc'd tubes. If not to add an extra level of filtration, they are still amazingly useful for keeping the tube clean. Cleaning perc'd pieces is never fun in the first place, but the a/c makes it SOOOO much easier on yourself. just my two cents.

    and to op, you could go with either really. However, I recently had a perc break on my Lux and since then, I have been leaning toward getting something a little more simplistic and solid for my next piece,

    Peace :smoke:
  4. if its real I would get the roor
  5. I would get a straight tube first. If you ever want to expand your collection, get a perc later and then you will be able to see the difference in the hits.

    idk, I would just try to get a solid piece first that you know wont fail on the percs or be draggy or get them dirty ya know?
  6. I already have 1 straight tube and 1 with 1 dome perc so I have 2 solid bongs just want a higher quality one. I know the difference in the two I'm just trying to get alot of opinions to see wich more people like better to help me make my descision.

    And thanks everyone for th input so far. :smoke:
  7. Bump for opinions
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    Yeah "pointless" is a heavy word. I just think it kicks up the drag and takes away from the original piece, especially on lower end perc'd tubes or lower end A/C's. I would be lying if I said I've never enjoyed ripping a perc'd tube + A/C but I'd generally leave it off.

    And to OP: Is your current straight decent quality? Does the diffy allow for pretty dragless clearing? If this is the case I'd just get a good inline A/C and an arm to rip it like a bubbler if so desired.
  9. Look at my set-up in my sig, I have a straight RooR style straight tube with a custom inline, and I prefer it to anything I've ever hit with a percolator. However, it is more fragile.
  10. The Straight I have isnt worth a shit the single dome is perc is ok but still not up to snuff now I think I just want to get a straight tube with a inline precooler should I just go with a RooR 3.2mm-4.5mm setup completeley or mix-match with a less expensive straight tube with a 5-7mm glass wall an a SYN showehead diffuser and a weedstar epic precooler? If I should mixmatch what brands have reliable straight tubes that are cheaper? Is an Inline percolater bong a plus in your opinion if so whats a good brand for them?

    Thanks for the help
  11. depending on how much you are dealing with definitely something with a perc. doesn't have to b mad tree arms or anything. i seen cheap incline and perc bongs on gc and edit for under 200. some with double percs
  12. Obviously, a bong with a percolator will hit smoother than its otherwise similar non-perc counterpart. That said, I prefer single chamber tubes because I like as little resistance as possible in my bongs, and I'm not really that interested in filtration. I just like my smoke chilled out a little bit.
  13. check this setup:
    Roor Straight, upgrade the diffuser to a luke wilson 6 arm(Aqualab) or a diffuser off EDIT.
    grab a disc diffused or ice pinched bowl
    an (seller = soulshinefamilyglass) inline
    benefit beyond all PURE tubes.
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  15. Honestly, if you already have 2 ok bongs, why not save up alittle longer and buy a nice perc'd bong? Get something of quality.
    I have a straight 9mm tube,ssfg inline, showerhead diffuser and ice pinch bowl. I also have a gong bubbler with showerhead diffuser.
    So now that I have these basic pieces i plan to save for something special. I saw a quad showerhead percd straight tube somewhere on here, i might try and get
    Good luck

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