Percolated downstem

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  1. does anyone else have a stem like this?
    i got it for $20 at my lhs and I am not sure if I like it at all.

    I feel like it gets clogged, and adds decent drag - But i am not sure. I am new to bongs and this is my first bong. It is a single 10-arm tree perc left coast, beaker base. I have some no-name ash catcher that is decent too.

    my lungs aren't beastly and I cough up a lung every time I hit my bong anyway, but thats ok cause it gets me super baked...

    but there is always a lot of smoke in the ash catcher and im having trouble getting it to get into the rest of the bong easily. I feel like it might be this downstem. Should I just get a diffused downstem instead?

    does anyone have experience with downstems like these? I don't really know if it was a good idea to get it.
  2. That downstem is amazing
  3. Not the downstem that's an issue. Your ash catcher may just be chugging producing bigger bubbles that pop and leave smoke in the ash catcher. Just what I'm guessing without any videos of your hit.
  4. What kind of ash catcher are you using? take a picture of your setup or something.
  5. If you dont like that downstem id be happy to snag it from you ha. but ya post a picture of your set up so we could see what is causing the drag
  6. Trust me you have a good diffuser, just be carefull broke my exact same one yesterday, oh and deffinatly swap the ashcatcher for a bowl or bigger ashcatcher, had the same problem there just poorley made

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