Percocet or Oxycontin???

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dealindave, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. my dealer told me that perc 30s will fuck u up more than a oxy 40, can some1 verify this for me...idk which to buy but there both 25$
  2. They're the same chemical. Correct me if im wrong. So go with the 40.
  3. oxy 40's hit me WAY harder.
    percs arent good if you ask me.
  4. yeah i ended up getting the oxy...thanks for the quick response GC
  5. haha ur dealer is jus tryin to rip you off with the 30's cuz he got em cheaper i bet
  6. yeah that exactly wat i was thinking, im glad i didnt get them...
  7. i dont think percocet even comes in 30's..from what i know its either 5, 7.5, or 10..just like hydrocodone.. your much better off with the OC 40, no APAP higher mg, smart choice my friend.
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    ^ya i've never seen a 30 percocet (hydrocodone? or oxycodone? i've seen neither)
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    its prob a 30mg oxycodone IR, there might be stronger perks on the market soon. I have herd about a 20-30mg from my pain management doc, but they are not on the market atm
  10. Don't bother with APAP it you want a little boost to it, add a little Diphenhydramine.

  11. in the event that it was a 30mg IR i would actually take that over the 40mg OC,not for 25$ though, i can get the IR 30's for $5 a dont have to fuck around with peeling the coating off and they dissolve so nicely in water. the cream of the crop for IV drug users, id only put hydromorphone ahead of IR oxys.
  12. only hydromorphone??? what about opana(oxymorphone) :confused: now that shit is fiiirrrreeee

    im rxed oxy IR, they cost $.28 each its crazy when you here people gettin $20 pop for em
  13. never came across opana...pills are actually harder for me to find than dope nowadays, so i pretty much exclusively shoot dope now. back in the day though id get fucked up off shooting doesnt really have the same rush initially but it lasts a lot longer than heroin. ive IV'ed morphine pills and i found that to be the most similar to heroin in rush and the length of the high. dilaudids are nice too, stronger rush..i used to like shooting fentanyl when i could get the patches but i fell out once, woke up on the floor of my bathroom with the needle still in my arm, havent done it since too scared of OD'ing on it again.
  14. your dealer is trying to shove u

    get the 40 oxy
  15. hes fulla shit... 40mg oxy
  16. It's different for everyone as well.
    Percocets fuck me up more than oxys in general, dunno why.
  17. I've also heard that the time release mechanism is also contained in the pill in OxyContin so it has a different molecular make-up which makes it less effective when snorted. I dunno, that's anecdotal as shit but from personal experience blues do seem to fuck me up more than 40s, might just be different times/tolerance, etc but I dunno...
  18. not too bad of a price for a forty.....

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