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Percocet doesn't work?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Silky, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,
    I recently acquired a bottle of 5/325 endococets (Same thing as percocet). Last night I took 4 of them each broken into roughly eight pieces (Attempt at crushing) totaling 20mg of Oxycodone with Orange Juice 3 hours after eating dinner. Initially I was feeling funny which was kind of nice, but with time there was barely any increase in the affects. Around an hour and a half after taking them I was laying on my couch listening/watching Dave Matthews perform a concert on TV. I decide to just listen, so I get comfortable and I start feeling pretty good, nothing amazing. I then decide my bed would be comfier so I relocate but my buzz dissapeared and only came back 30 minutes later when I just layed back and closed my eyes while listening to music. I took 20mg of oxy, I was supposed to be completely euphoric and awesome, right? I'd consider what I felt to be more like relaxed and content. It wasn't anything too great, anyone have any ideas why I barely felt it? Thank you.:hello:
  2. eat more...some people are naturally tolerant to opiates
  3. Next time you decide to "crush" it, put it all in a Kleenex and parachute that shit.

    But yea, some people just require more dosing.
  4. Isn't this normally a high dose for someone who has no tolerance at all?
  5. normally but you're one of the spedial few! i'm the same way, dude. just eat another 10mg from your base of 20mg until you are where you want to be.
  6. Well, that sucks. I don't want to be tolerant to opiates. Then again, I have an abnormally high pain tolerance.

    Anyway, The other thing is when I was under the 'effects' I noticed a couple things, being my nose was very itchy and that my pupils were very contracted in light. I turned the lights out to my bathroom and I was in pitch black. Any insight?
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    Here's a fun story.

    I was 17. Same as my best friend. I had a job at Denny's for a few weeks. That gives you background information.

    Anyhow, I has NOT a pill popper expert until I was about 18-19, but my best friend and I found a bottle of something I heard about all the time, but had no real knowledge about it: oxycontin.

    I'm not sure the milligram , but they were in capsules and not tablets. If memory serves, they were 5 mg Ethex brand Roxycodones.

    Anyhow, I ate two, not at ALL knowing doses of this shit. At this point in my life, I had VERY little opiate experiences. Minor episodes with hydrocodone.

    My best friend? Ate SIX.

    Anyhow, my best bud, myself, and his friend, who was sober and VERY gay, all decided to go eat at Denny's. We drive down there, no one feeling fucked up.

    Until we got out of the car. As soon as this happened, I began my first TRUE nod. I had my best bud help me inside (he still wasn't feeling anything), sit me at the table, and order a coke for me.

    I was 95% unresponsive. I was just in a flat out nod.

    My bud? Through the ENTIRE night, he didn't feel anything except itches.

    That's just his luck. To this day, he still can't take opiates and expect to feel anything.

    The eyes being constricted like that is natural with about pretty much all opiates and opiods.

    Your nose itching? Did you snort any? Otherwise, that just happens.

  8. the itchyness is the oxycodone haha, most people get them alll over, but mines the worst on my nose as well. and the pupils are another affect of the oxycodone, and are one of the main ways i've been caught... :( and yea like everyone else said start with 30mg next time and wait 30-45 min and if still nothin up it 10MG every 45 min till youre nodddddin off into tha clouds :hippie:
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    all very normal. i also get the itch, especially on my nose. Sometimes the itch gets annoying, some like it.

    Eyes too, pupils super small. So you definitely felt "some" effects just wasnt very strong. Up the dosage ;)

    lol you beat me too it NORML89
  10. That stinks that you didn't feel anything. Like stated you probably have a naturally high tolarnce.. The first time i did OC in highschool i snorted like 5 or 10mg i forget now.. i was nodding hard all night and my parents were watching me nod at my computer chair.. it was bad
  11. I'm not sure if you're smoking bud during your experience, but if you aren't you are doing it wrong ;) Weed totally makes any opiate experience wayyyyy better.

  12. amen to that!:hello: favorite combo EVER is 10mg OC railed, 30mg OC parachuted, 25mg promethazine, and a few bowls of some greeeeenn. that my friend is the UBERNODD haha
  13. So, according to my past experience, how much do y'all reccomend for my next dose? Also, is it better with food or on an empty stomach, or should I just rail it alltogether? Thanks.
  14. welll technically dose advice can not be given..

    but this guy on my street named jim said he took 20MG the first time and didnt feel much. Next time he started with 30mg and waited 45min and if he still didnt feel anything he would take another 10mg every 45 min until he started to feel euphoric and nodded off... but hey.. thats just what jim did...:rolleyes:

    edit: DO NOT rail it... the APAP will not feel good... and eat a small meal about an hour or two before dosing. Also parachute it... if you dont know what that is google "parachuting pills" and youll be set. Good luck and happy nodding
  15. Alright cool. Anyway, so before I make a dose for myself next time. I'm wondering how much percocet gets you to where I was and what percent that is from the desired effects? Thanks.:D
  16. You're a beast. I would puke after 4 of those. I know I have zero tolerance lol.
  17. Yes, percocet does work.

    Hope I answered your question. :D :smoke:
  18. ive heard something about orange juice or acidic drinks decreasing potency

  19. well heres you problem

    dave matthew kills all good moods:hello:
  20. Can anyone back this up?

    Also, I have 35mg at my disposal. Would it be harmful to take them all at once?

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