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perception of time

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rehabshit, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. i'm sure of most people agree time feels different when you're high. the first time i smoked i felt like one song on my discman felt like an hour or two, and now it's obviously changed and the feeling of slow time isn't as intense.

    but i am curious how peoples perception of time has varied over the years from a young smoker to a seasoned toker?
  2. time can feel both long and short.
  3. Yea, ive had different experiences with time. One time i was chilling with 3 of my friends, two of them were already baked, but me and one of them werent, so we went to go blaze, we left them outside a store sitting on a bench, we were gone for about 20 minutes. When we can back they were asleep, we woke them up and they thought we had left for 3 hours. lol
  4. Whenever my girlfriend and i vape up, she will ask every ten minutes "what time is it do i have to go yet" when she just got here hahaha....maybe she just wants to leave..:confused::smoking:
  5. No question about it for me.

    Saturday I got insaneley high and had like 7 dudes come and jam at my house, and 3 hours went by in 20 minutes.

    Sunday I got high, started lsitening to some Pink Floyd, and in the time of one song, I had a life changing experience and found my place in the world...

    So yeah, that's the best part almost

    [ame=]YouTube - Pink Floyd - Lost for words[/ame]

    Listen and think about childhood happiness and the ideals parents tell kids about when they're like 6 or 7, it amaaaaazing :smoking:
  6. times just a reference point
  7. Time flies like an arrow.

    And I needn't say the rest.

  8. true.
    to me, it goes by slow
    but, when you sober up, it goes by really fast to 'make up'
    like in big fish
  9. time and space do not exist but are necessary for our rational construction of reality
  10. Time goes super fast when I'm high.
  11. Wrong, time and space are actual objects that actually exist.
  12. Time isn't real. It's simply a concept created by man to reference past events. Tell me, if I asked you for some time, could you reach in to your pockect and give it to me? No, you can't. Because time isn't real.

  13. beat me too it.

    i love arguing about how time doesn't exist and is merely a human creation.
  14. yea when I first started time seemed to pass forever, but as I smoked more it became a little more "normal".
  15. When I smoke before class my 3 hour class feels like 10 minutes.
    When im with friends at someones house time goes slow as shit though.
  16. If I asked you for some gravity, or some dark matter, could you reach in your pocket in give me some?

    Just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There are other senses other than sight.

    We can feel time move just like we can feel gravity pull us down to the Earth.

    Time is real, but it's constant and continuous, in my opinion. Our memory helps us recall the past and makes time feel like its moving, but really we are moving right along side with time. If we weren't and time didn't exist, then life would be like hitting the pause button on the DVD player.

    Also, that means time doesn't move on a 24 hour clock schedule. Days, hours, seconds, . . . are all based around the Earth revolving around the sun and only relevant here on this planet.

    So I agree with what you probably believe in: that our clocks don't measure time, they measure themselves -(?)

    Still though, we are moving from moment to moment -- even if we can't measure it directly.
  17. I've heard that times speeds up beacuse each year is a smaller part of your life (i.e. when you are 5, 1 year = 20% of your life but when you are 50, it is 2%). For me, the oppisite has happened- as I get older time slows down, because I am more aware of what is happening in each moment. It aint the time changing, it's you!

    Said one recovering victim "I think, therefore I think I am" :smoking:
  18. Weed dismantles the straining illusions of time.
  19. It's all relativity to me.
    Time will go by extremely fast if I'm active and having fun and all. Time will be fucking slow if bored and do nothing.

    Wait, that's when I'm sober....

    When I'm high...I really don't notice time...
  20. haha i remember the first few times i smoked i'd be at my friends house getting baked and 15 mins later i would look at the clock thinking 3 hours past and it'd be like 4:20 to 4:35 and i'd just be like :eek::eek: OH SHIT :eek::eek:. also when my bro was on shrooms he kept saying a century was passing before his eyes while we sat down for half an hour

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