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  1. So I was just doing some thinking as usual and I wanted to write this down and see what you guys think.

    Your reality is what you perceive

    Your perception is based off your life experiences

    Your perception can be altered through training your brain but more easily through drugs

    You can change your perception of anything to make your reality whatever your mind can think of

    Society's reality is based on the perception of the group that makes up that society and these peoples collective experiences

    Your reality and society's reality can be different or the same it's up to you

    However you cannot change society's reality only your own

    Society can however judge your reality and perception and affect your reality

    I did shrooms and it really opened my mind to new thinking. While introspecting on shrooms ( I have always appreciated life) I realized that life is just so goddamn valuable and it can only be shitty if you let yourself perceive it that way. I though about how people can get depressed and it really struck a cord with me because I have been battling with Social Anxiety Disorder.

    After doing shrooms I did some reading on Social Anxiety Disorder and discovered that for me at least it has developed based on negative thought patterns that I constantly use to perceive people around me. My main issue with Social Anxiety Disorder is that it causes my checks to constantly be red which is uncomfortable and embarrassing.

    I read a great article about depression and related mental perception disorders and the author really emphasized that you have to change your thought patterns about whatever your issue affects rather than go through therapy and medication which usually suppresses the issue rather than solving it.

    So I tried changing my negative though patterns or my perception about social situations. I tried hard and it worked, I have been successful in changing most of my negative perceptions and my cheek issues has significantly improved. I'm not done yet and I never will be but from this experience all I now know it this

    I used to live in my reality, I still live in the same reality however my perception has changed and no longer is it the same reality but instead a much better reality.

    The mind is capable of more than you might think and from this experience I have learned that I can constantly improve the quality of my life by improving the way I perceive reality.

    Thanks for reading if you made it this far
  2. Cmon lets hear some responses
  3. I'm too high to comprehend what you just said but I do agree about the shrooms. Dunno what it is about them but reality fades away and everything is carefree. Good stuff :D
  4. Mannn I know what your sayin let me get into it by adding
  5. whats the point in living life if when you die theres nothing and everything you've done doesnt even matter.
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    blol at the first response. lmfao honestly hahahah wtff. dumb highass

    im high and i got it.

    ya man i did shrooms, it truley gets your brain thinking and expanding the whole time. on the come down, i get so many revelations and answers or guides to certain things. its really remarkable man.

    its so easy to change reality, with as little as 1 step in 1 direction, it can change a ton. it wat you do, and what you think is really what matters so do everything you need to do be happiest. think hard about it and do it.

    Because you everyone can find a way to be very very happy, if they want to. the average age is over 70 years. each day and the one before that matters, thats a long time, who cares if you might not be remember it forevers, it was still great while it lasted.

    thats a terrible way to think
  7. Who says what you do in life doesn't matter?
  8. so you're's all about attitude, you'll only be unhappy if you look at things in an unhappy way? I think?...

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