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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dr_krapp, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. I've been thinking about death, not so much death itself but being dead. I've come to the conclusion that understanding what its like to be dead is unimagionable, you can understand what its like but not imagion. The human mind cant perseive death.

    The best way to say it, i beileive, is its llike the universe ending. you cant see it anymore, theres nothing there.

    Also think about before you were born, its the same as that. nothing.

    Death=Nothing, and the human mind cant imagion nothing.

  2. That's because there is nothing to imagine.
  3. True, but my point remains valid.

    you cant imagion nothing. i wanna know what its like to be dead!
  4. i believe that death is eternal whiteness. juist blank, no anything.
  5. Death ends life as quickly as it began. Whether or not theres something to see afterwards is of no concern to me...I'll be dead. Yeah...if I see something that would be cool...but if I was just stuck there staring at a light, it would piss me off. Honestly, they could just make nothing appear if that were the case...nothingness would be more tolerable than staring at a white light for all eternity

    ...unless in the process of dying you lost all emotion and memories of everything, and were essentially stripped of everything...and you still had to stare at that light and be helpless to do anything about it.. that's creepy.

    Instead of staring at nothing; why not just make it like sleep? with dreams and such?

    Sleep with peaceful dreams would be much better than blankness.
    ..or even dreamless sleep.
  6. I believe that every person is a low resolution copy of the universe itself. Just as the universe could very well be infinite we don't know the ends of our minds or existence. Perhaps it's this process of beginning and ending that we exist to put to an end.
  7. I totally agree...nothingness and infinity (actually nothingness is a kind of infinity) are impossible for the human mind to understand. Which is why we invented religion. To replace infinity with another kind of (easier understandable) infinity (god has always existed)

  8. it would be like dreamless sleep. like when u go to sleep and just wake up remembering nothing and not having perceiced the night happening, but again you cant imaiogn it,
  9. Nothing=Void

    and its human nature to try to fill a void with something(releigion)

    as i think we cant go on. as if our "soul" will live on. why does it need out body in this world?

  10. There has to be something in all of this connected with ghosts...proof of ghosts would mean there is some sort of afterlife.
  11. If all matter, organic and non organic, is made up of molecules and you don't really just..*not* exist anymore. You can't destroy energy. I think the energy can be transformed into another form...but it has to go somewhere. That's where i think Ghosts come from. They are just another type of energy and the human form is an imprint of what they once were.

  12. You sure do just *not* exist anymore. Well not your body, but your mind is no longer in existance after you die.

    Believing in ghosts is a little silly imo. I mean how many billions of people have died, and how many people report seeing ghosts?
  13. i came up with a theory today.

    you can exsist outside your body, but only for a matter of minutes(out of body experiance) because alltho u need your body to keep *you* alive. there shud be enough engery to outlast ur body a while, however your body dying would proberly destroy you, as it takes will power ot have a out of body experience.

    and u cant destroy evergy no, but it changes state, so straigt after u die the energy that is u changes state so therefore destroying you.

  14. Meh, I didn't say I believed in them. I said proof of them would give some credit to an afterlife. A lot of people report seeing them, but unless there is some sort of hard-copy evidence to it, it's pretty much useless.

  15. But would u really want to be a ghost? wandering the earth alone with no contact whatching ppl live there lifes?
  16. "...Well not your body, but your mind is no longer in existance after you die."--thecrystals

    that was a given.

    "and u cant destroy evergy no, but it changes state, so straigt after u die the energy that is u changes state so therefore destroying you."---Dr.Krapp

    I dunno bout you, but there is more to me than just my physical self.

  17. yes thats what i said, but the non-pysical part needs the psyical part too live, a symbiotic relasionship.

    one cant exsist without the other, as without ur psyical part, the non-psyical part would cie

    and visa-versa(as in without our minds we'd die from not getting food and stuff.)
  18. you can't think when you're dead so why even try to imagine death?

  19. Nope. But it may have ties to another level of existence before passing over to the other side.

    From what I've read on spectral abnormalities; ghosts only stay if they have "unfinished business" or something.


    Step one- Life: you are born, you live your existence out.

    Step two- Death: you pass on; you die.

    Step three (this is where is gets controversial)- The possiblity of passing to another existence (ie. heaven or hell, a higher state of being, the astral realm, whatever), the possibility of simply dying and ceasing to exist beyond death, or the possiblity of being stuck in a void where nothing happens.

    Just ideas; not what I think. I think that anything is possible, so I don't discount anything until I can prove otherwise.

  20. nope, your missing my point entirely.

    im aying its impossible, not try. because the more you think about it, the more u want to know, and the more death seems easier.

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