Percentage of success left alone in good spots.

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  1. I live in southern Virginia and hypothetically, if i had a massive amount of leftover seeds, lets say 300 of a mix of random seeds and decided to just plant every single one of them around the city. Some in hidden spots but still good sunlight, and some in regular places like the middle of the park, and the grass in front of my school which they don't cut. Just putting them in random spots some good, some not so good. What percentage do you think would grow. Would they be healthy enough for me to harvest? I would not be maintaining them besides planting some well hidden in good planting soil. I'll have germinated them and that's it.I leave them and comeback in the fall. I'll be planting in spring, but after the last frost. The ones with good sunlight I'm most curious. The others are for shits and giggles if a weed plant started growing in front of my school.:D
  2. I left a few at my school years back and they were working until the gardener ripped them :(
    Don't get on any cameras though .
    The ones you hide well and put soil with may do okay but may need a fence to keep out pests .
    All depends on animals , soil , rains , weather , who spots the plants etc etc
    But with 300 seedlings I'm sure you will get an ounce off at least 1 or 2 :)

    Oh yeah there was a big one outside our local cop station too that they pretended to not know what it was .
    And there were some okay ones in pots on the shopping center roof haha .
    Let us know if you pull it off :)

  3. people need to send me some seeds ahaha. I'd gladly do it, and take pictures of every spot. If it's a weed and it's kinda hard to kill, i think i'd get more than 1 or 2 ounces
  4. well, it depends on if the plant gets noticed. if not, then yes, it will be healthy at the end of season. and planted in the ground it will not require much care. but dont get caught. it would suck going to jail for planting them in the open for shits and giggles.

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