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Perc water drips

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by John Dankerson, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Every time ive used a bong with a perc, i usually always get splashes of water around my mouth (not a lot). its kind of annoying and on my bong im considering not even fulling with perc with water anymore.

    do i have too much water in there? how much should you have in the perc to prevent this?
  2. Man, you're like my roommate. You don't have to turn into a damn Hoover vacuum when you hit the bong man. And yes, a little less water won't hurt. I just has to be to the top of the tree perc slits.
  3. When you clear it try not to inhale as hard, as far as water level, from my experience ive found around a cm of water above the holes ( dome percs) an with tree percs i usually fill it up just above the top slit,
  4. ok word guys thanks. yea it happens more with other people who hit my bong cause they just rip it super hard to try and clear it. but i usually tell em to chill out and that helps. thanks guys.
  5. IDK about you guys but sometimes for me when the bong is filled with the yellow nasty smoke from a .5 you torched in one hit, you have to clear it fast or else you're fucked and you'll waste it. That being said, theres not much you can do it you have a bong with percs and no splash guard. If you don't fill the percs it will in essence act like a splash guard, and FWIW I don't think percs are really that necessary. I can understand the aspect of condensing the smoke to get bigger hits but I smoke bud that's already so smooth that it doesn't need to get filtered 4 times lol
  6. your welcome man :) now im off to eat some eggs bacon n toast! have a good one
  7. eggs bacon and toast sounds amazing... you bastard.

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