perc is dirty?!?!

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  1. i have a mad scientist and i cant get the damn perc clean for shit anyone know how to clean it??
  2. smash it and buy a bong that you can clean.
  3. Was rubbing alcohol and salt unsuccessful?
  4. yea ive tryed iso and salt and it didnt work then i boiled it with salt then put it in a bottle with the boilin water and shook it forever and that got about 5% of it lol
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    You should never boil a glass piece man. You mine as well just have chucked it from the second story window. Seriously though, I've seen too many pieces break due to being weakened from boiling.

    I guess if you've tried everything else though...

    I'd try just soaking it in Iso alcohol over night, every night until gets clean. It'll work eventually.
  6. i use rubbing alcohol and salt works great for me
  7. I've been told that ISO and salt is the exact same thing as Formula 420, but when i bought my bong off of my friend it was the dirtiest bong i had ever seen. You can see it here But after a few hours with some Formula 420 and a lot shaking, i got it pretty spotless for the most part, and its a double perc. Maybe try that or just spend some more time with ISO and salt, try rock salt too.
  8. Doesn't the mad scientist have a removable GonG perc?

    If it is indeed removable, I would take it out and put it in a plastic bag using the salt and iso method.

    Make sure you are using plenty of salt.
    I usually use enough salt to make the mixture pretty goopy and thick looking... I've never had a problem getting any piece clean, and I've had some diiirty pieces. :p

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