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Pepperoni Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hello Kitty, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. As smoke billows out of my father's room. A sweet aroma tended to waft towards my sensitive nose. His weed, smells like pepperoni's. Can someone please point me into direction of the strain. I want some.
  2. Never heard of weed smelling like pepperonis. Speaking of pepperonis, I am fucking starving and a PIZZA sounds great!

    I dunno but Ill look around for something matching that description.

    Either that or you have the munchies and are subconsciencously wanting a pepperoni pizza like me.


  3. Maybe hes toking and eating a peporoni pizza,pizza the shit baked, its the stoners snack of choice since the tenage mutant ninja turle days in early 90's fuckin stoner turtles. :smoke:
  4. He doesn't eat stuff life that anymore. He smokes it for chronic pain from Diabeetus.
  5. Wouldn't he know better than us?

  6. Prepostorous, I will have none of that nonsense in here. I'll ask him tomorrow.
  7. UMMM...are you sure hes smoking weed? where is your mother?
  8. Yes, my mom is in the room with him.
  9. Just walk in and ask for a hit.
  10. My name is Walter Brimdale and I have Diabeetus .. (not trying to be insensitive) I think you spelled it like that on purpose hahaha.
  11. usually when you vape the weed it will smell like some burnt food...people say it will smell like pop corn or other foods.
  12. i have also gotten some nugs before that smelled like food, i swear i smelled pizza when id open the bag and take a wiff. only happened once or twice though so i dunno:confused:

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