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  1. Anyone here like Pepper? Classic stoner music, nice to chill to, nice to smoke to. I had no idea they were any popular until I tried to get a ringtone by them, and the selection was massive. Then I noticed other people listening to them.

    One day when I went into my headshop, the guy working there (who I always go in and talk to about random shit) was playing Pepper and Sublime. Man, I love Pepper.

    The first time I heard them (about a year ago), it was the song Ho's in my friend's car. I said, "Damn, is this Sublime? I've never heard this song before" (I'm a diehard Sublime fan and I was positive I had heard all of the songs that were released). "No dude, this is Pepper."

    And so began the legacy of me listening to Pepper... I know what you're thinking, but I'm not stoned. I get off probation sometime this week, though!
  2. Pepper=the shiz-nite.
    Old stuff is extremely Sublime-esque but the newest album is more like dave mathews x sublime.
  3. They used to live in Hawaii, and moved to my hometown, or around it, something like that.

    Can't say I like them too much though.
  4. I love pepper seen them a few times in concert, I am missing the show on the 9th cuz I cant get tickets and would do anything for anyone who could get me tickets!!!!
  5. saw them live smoke weed to there music alot o.k stuff there from kona

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