People's thoughts? 3x 600 watt 2.4x1.2 tent 6 plants

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  1. I've vegged these plants for 7weeks with a bit of training here and there to try get a little more even canopy, I switched them to 12/12 16days ago, I'm running 3x600watt lights over all 6 of them, this strain is uk cheese full indica called triple cheese. I currently got 38oz from 3 greenhouse cheese in my plant grow I vegged them like monsters, this cheese strain "triple cheese" has grown a lot smaller but the reason I've done 6 this time and added an extra light is to see if I can hit the 40ounce mark, would you say it's possible from looking at the pictures all running in NFT trays hydroponic all the temps are right etc, just wondering from your thoughts just by looking at the pictures I uploaded what do you guys think? Thanks, oh also the one in the corner I didn't defoliate to try a little experiment, then the two on the far left aka the biggest ones haven't been touched cheers guys looking forward to see what you have to say thanks again L.

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