Peoples ignorance about weed is too damn high

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  1. God, I get so mad at people sometimes. I haven't smoked in months. (Legal reasons). I had no problem quitting. I experienced no withdrawals, minor cravings (similar to how I crave cake sometimes, but nothing major), yet people will act like its some crazy addicting gateway drug.
    I just Saw one of my friends Facebook posts about how good hemp is, and his girlfriend had to post and say that weed is for lowlifes. The kid used to smoke until he met this girl, and she completely changed him. I kinda feel bad for him.
    I replied to her saying that many prominent and successful people smoke, or have been smokers at some point, Carl Sagan, Seth MacFarlane, Steve Jobs to name a few.
    She then replied that she avoids "pot heads" and alcoholics at all cost.
    I told her that I bet she runs into "potheads" on a daily basis and doesn't even know it. I told her that a lot of her college professors have tried it before, and straight A students.
    Still waiting here for her reply. Sorry for the rant, it just pisses me off when otherwise intelligent people, know almost nothing on this subject and just regurgitate propaganda and preconceived notions.

  2. Totally on your side man.. It's just how most people/Americans are raised.. They think to be successful you not do drugs and marijuana is considered one so therefore they think they will be considered unsuccessful and will be looked down upon if they choose to smoke it so no matter how good,healthy or helpful it is they don't care because they focus to much on what others think.. It's only the special ones that can branch of from this brainwashed thought process :)
  3. Far be it from them to ever, I don't know, Actually try the shit and make an opinion for themselves.
    I cant tell you how much better it has made my life. I am a calmer, more compassionate human being. Less and less shit makes me mad. It has opened so many doors with my music playing. I'm more articulate, and open minded.
    Some people are just looser, who happen to smoke weed as well. They give it a bad name. Iv been a looser before, but it wasn't the weed that made me that way. In fact it was the other drugs I was taking at the time. If any thing it has made me look at myself in a different way, and strive to make a change.
  4. The sad part here is that she apparently doesn't even know that hemp =/= marijuana. Unless she considers making clothes or fuel or paper something only 'lowlifes' do. 
  5. That too. Let's just throw the baby out with the bathwater because we were raised in an ignorant backwards society. 
  6. Marijuana has a bad image with old timers but I can tell u that in the next few years. As it is already now being more exempted as not being harmful. This new generations were all pot heads or were around it. So is gonna be legalize everywhere sooner or later
    Just like beer. But for now everyone has to wait and get there shit from friends. Police really doesn't worry much about weed anymore. Not here at least.
  7. people are ignorant about everything

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  8. You're on Facebook...Dunno if you get around the internet a lot, but that is the equivalent of the "Other side" of Youtube. :cool:
  9. My problem with the gateway theory is that the kind of person who would take hard drugs would also smoke weed
    And the kind of person who wouldn't touch hard drugs will smoke weed

    I been smoking weed for more then ten years, been around all types of hard drugs, yet I not once had any craving or desire to try anything else

    It's all bullshit. The drug war gives so many people jobs. So many people depend on fighting the drug war so they can feed their families. Whatever can be done to help make their funding bigger will be done
  10. Facebook, aside from being a bad joke of a website (Hey...look at me !! I just had scrambled eggs for breakfast in the fanciest restaurant in town !!...etc.) is also a CIA information gathering site. I (thank goodness) have never used my real name on that site or any other site for that matter. If people insist on posting their real names and informing the entire world where and for how long their vacations are going to be then more power to them. Then they wonder why their houses were burglarized. Well...duh...
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    I'm completely with you man, people are filled with prejudice, however, people who go to the extremes and call pot smokers and alcohol drinker "low-lifes" and say that they will avoid them at all costs lose my respect, they will never seem intelligent to me, similar to a person who lives his/her life based on a "god" and thanking this figure.
    Let's blow pot smoke right into their brainwashed heads.
  12. the "war on drugs" has warped the minds of the public

    It lasted decades
  13. . Lol do you hear your own self right now
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    I guess that came off a little aggressive, I was trying to make a case for not believing everything you are told without questioning it. 
    However, my statement wasn't assuming that this type of people are not intelligent, I was affirming it.
    My definition on intelligence is linked very closely with the ability to think rationally, and the belief on a deity as well as the assumption that weed is evil just because you are told it is, without taking into account all the scientific research are not rational ways of thinking, and thus make you seem less intelligent in my eyes.
  15. Oh ok I see. So you're saying you're intelligence is on a higher level than mostly everyone on this earth. Ok I understand you now
  16. Dude why are you a member here? Seems like you hate weed.. Gtfo
  17. Maybe you should get out, with your assumptions
  18. Whatever mr. Iliketostartarguementsontheinternet
  19. whatever now huh
  20. I love how your not quoting anyone because you dont want them to see it and respond..
    Dude get a fucking life..

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