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  1. People who take more than they give make me sick. Every time I have to deal with one a little piece of good in me dies. It makes me want to do the same to them but they dont even offer anything for me to take.

    It gives me more of an appreciation to people who are genuinely considerate and compassionate; but it is killing me to keep seeing people take so much with nothing offered in return.

    Maybe I just give away too much, maybe I just have too high of expectations for people. But I am who I am, and these ego-centric people make me sick. It seems all they care about is being in the spotlight and don't give a damn about your performance, your time in the spotlight. You compliment and compliment, even reach out your hand to help and they don't even give you the time of day.

    I know I don't have to associate myself with them once I see it, but still it bothers me. :rolleyes:

    Down with these fake ass users!!!
  2. i like you so far Mr. Goodstuff :wave:
  3. Mr Goodstuff, you just said a mouthful. I have given the very shirt off my back to a person worse off than I. The thing about giving is you cant go into it expecting anything in return. I know what you mean though.

    I call them the "you owe me" ppl. I truly hate ppl that think the world, or me, owes them. And ppl that have NO problem asking for anything or doing whatever, or whoever, they want. You know the type.

    Im too good for my own good, Ive been told all my life. It's all good though. Karma aye.
  4. It's human nature to "look out for number one".

    That primordial part of the brain that governs self-preservation or advancement in any situation is more prevalent in some humans than others. Studies have shown that some chimpanzees in a given population will commit antisocial acts up to and including murder.

    Compassion is a learned trait, in my opinion. Not everyone develops the trait.

    Welcome to the jungle.
  5. 6 billion ants, crawling on a plate....6 billion ants, crawling on a plate...
    Not one of them puts back as much as they take...
    6 billion ants crawling on a plate!
    That is a fact of life!
    -King Crimson-
  6. hahahaha. aren't they the group that wrote that Detachable Penis song?
  7. I take whats mine, meaning everything

    "When I say everythang, man I mean everythang"
  8. Haha, nooooo way! Try 21st Century Schizoid Man!
  9. Thank you all for responding, I was really frustrated that day. I called a brother of mine of thinks a lot like I do and he set me straight.

    420freedme you said essentially what he said to me, that I can't do things expecting anything in return. Deep down I have this thought process that believes when it gives others will in return. But that is selfish and look at where it got me. :( I was pissed and at what? A situation I can't control? At people that did nothing wrong? I don't like when people do it sure, but I can control how much I give out and if I expect anything for it so I should be more understanding and accepting. Still, sometimes I find myself upset over the strangest things.

    Does anybody else feel this way? Like they can deal with a lot of issues but one day they get frustrated over something that normally wouldn't bother you at all?

    My brother showed me that I was giving with the wrong intentions, that if I really was giving I wouldn't care if I didn't give anything back- that's what I thought when he pointed it out. I felt a lot better after that, he really cleared things up fast for me. Knows how to put it in perspective.

    Now it's up to me to apply the understanding ;)

    Hope to hear some more thoughts on stuff like this!
  10. yeah basically, but what can you do right? keep your circle of friends tight. no room for those fuckers.
  11. sorry didnt read yoru post before i posted. yeah i get that way too... after that im like ah fuck it hahah
  12. Man... Some straight hams out there I tell ya. You know, people that would look at ya wondering if you are looking at them? LOL

    Me me me me me ME! :hello:

    I got another one for ya... What about the people that you think you know but turn out to be someone you can't stand living with or even being around that much after you see the real them?

    Fake people suck. I feel so fortunate to have people in my life I know are real and have proved themselves countless times to be loyal and trustworthy people!

    I hate the fact people can wear a mask and I feel compelled not to wear one. I feel like I'm not on even ground or have to at least worry that might be the case. That someone could be totally lying to me about something and I would never know the difference unless something happened that it proved they were lying.

    It kills me to think that other people are going through the same thing and have to approach me thinking I wear a mask or might wear one...

    But hey, this is what makes the world go round right? All this diversity? Man you couldn't have the good without the bad I guess...

    But people... They kill me sometimes. Some straight hams out there, it's ridiculous! :D
  13. "People are the worst humans I've met."
  14. Sometimes people just think they deserve more than they should. Like everything should be handed to them on a silver plate. Sadly, this is the younger generation and most of the egotistical rich people I've met. Someone needs to just put them in their place.
  15. This thread has been great to blow off steam in so far- I hope people can get into it and vent here about people that frustrate them too. I would do a "Women..." thread but I don't think it would go over very well LOL even in Pandora. ;)

  16. time for a male forum to vent on the ladies? i know kirara pisses me off to no end sometimes :) luv u:)

    she knows it, lol.

    hell start it MG.
  17. The only way I would even go there is if I got an official OK from RMJL herself- I just don't think it would go over well with the ladies, ya know?

    I have another addition to this thread though and it's about a friend of mine I've known for 9 years. She moved away years ago and we talk from time to time- but recently she hasn't returned a message I left her asking what happened to her. I've always been there for her and for her to do this to me is just so pathetic...

    I guess she's changing, but it still hurts to know someone so well only to have them disappear for no reason and not return phone calls. I know she will call me back eventually because this has happened before- but this time it's rather obvious she only calls me to vent about her problems to me and ask me what I thought about it all. Fucking people... :mad:

    I don't want to hear about your problems if you don't give a damn about my life!

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