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People with MD who cant use arms

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JBean, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Anyone suffer from MD here?

    Am currently entertaining the idea of using medicinally. I don't have alot of function with my arms, about 30-45 seconds depending on what I'm doing before they start to shut down, holding a cigarette or glass contraption(idk what those things are called) to smoke would be impossible. I'm new to this forum by the way. So I have alot of questions but I'll try to keep it simple.

    1. Do you have to smoke is my biggest one. Can you just bake it, or something. Or make it into candy or is there candy version, cough drop version? Does it lose it's potency if it's cooked? And by smoke I mean inhale in any way including vaporized, I have zero desire to smoke. Period, no wiggle room there.

    2. Does it always make you feel "high"? Is it possible to alleviate pain without that "high" feeling, this is something I'm not interested in. I don't particularly like the high feeling that other medications do to me, and as a teenager I did smoke marijuana once and I didn't like that feeling of being high. Will it be like that? If so I'm not sure how that will help with chronic pain unless laughter really is the cure for ailments :p b/c that's all I remember doing was laughing, at everything, and couldn't stop. I'm not interested in that kind of feeling.

    Thanks guys, hope I dont sound like too much of a newb :p


    3. Are there different "strengths" or dosages or potency or w/e.
  2. Welcome to Grasscity

    Baking it works wonderfully might take a bit longer for you to notice the effects.
    I do believe that some dispansaries might have marijuana drinks

    For different types of thing you can bake anything with butter/fat in it should do fine

    High part not much you can do about that, testing different strains and dosages for a good body high to numb the pain

    i suggest looking at leafly their review system is nifty as hell because you see what kind of effects different strains have, such as giggly, focused, happy, hungry and also what medical use they have
  3. If you actually have some chronic pain injuries caused by medical dis-orders and what not, why not go to your doctor and get something that will REALLY help the pain. Unmentionables, but I guess the down side is you will probably get hooked!

  4. Alot of the MD medicine seems to have rather unpleasant side effect, I assume that he already been on a few of those so if only for the pain relief i figure marijuana is a good idea side effect well know HHS

  5. It's not so much the side effects of opiates that you notice, it's the withdrawal when your not taking them anymore. That's why a lot of people develop addictions when they are prescribed oxy's and stuff like that. They definitely are going to help with the pain more than weed though, however depending on your personality, you might be playing with fire. (if you have an addictive personality, that is)
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    reason enough to stay away from opiates

  7. I am seeing doctors and they are giving me medicine for pain, I don't take them. I don't like the way they make me feel and the bottles just sit there untouched unless I'm suffering and feel like I have no choice but to use them. I try my best to manage with heating pads, lots of just laying around and ice packs.

    One of my medicines is called Topamax(I take it for migraines and muscle locking, it's a seizure medicine),it's not a pain med, it's a preventative medicine for migraines but the side effects from that drug are just insane. From hair loss to vision loss, mental problems and all sorts of other insane stuff you can read more about if you're interested but the list of side effects for that drug alone are just crazy. Crazy Meds: The Good, The Bad, & The Funny of Psych Meds - Meds - Topamax Basic Overview

    I just sit and think about all the bottles of pills I have and how they could all be tossed out and replaced with ONE THING, medicinal marijuana, which in my opinion, is probably why it will never be approved for such use because there's no way these big pharm companies are going to allow that shit.

    Currently in the state I live there are no laws that would allow me to even take marijuana for treatment and I wouldn't self medicate anyways, especially if it were illegal and that's just my personal feeling regarding that issue--I have children and the laws here are too strict, 30 days in jail+ a 500$ fine for a single joint is ridiculous and I'm not going to take a chance at hurting my children and being locked away from them, so I'll suffer through pain before I'll see them suffer without me if that makes sense?

    The reason I'm asking questions though is because it is supposed to become legal in DC, which is kind of in Virginia(I think idk?) and at the moment it's unclear how marijuana will be dispensed, so once they sort all of that out, it may be possible for me to drive the two hours for the drug if the laws are eventually put into place allowing it. Regarding the legality of dispensary in DC:
    Although the law took effect on July 27, 2010, the Mayor and the Department of Health have yet to determine how the medical marijuana program will be run. A DC Department of Health spokesperson told by phone on Jan. 19, 2011 that no announcement has been made regarding when the program will begin.

    My main goal in treatment is to be able to alleviate my pain, WHILE being able to skip the "high" part. I don't want to feel high. If I enjoyed or liked that feeling I could just chew pills all day I have plenty at my house. The after effect of taking my Rx meds for pain aren't worth the benefit of pain relief for me at the moment unless my pain becomes extremely unbearable.

    Also, I don't pray to god or gods but I will say this I hope to all of you out there reading this that you never ever have to go through what I've been going through. Chronic pain is so terrible to live with, quality of life is shit and it's extremely frustrating to know that there's a natural plant that can be grown right in your own back yard that would alleviate the symptoms and improve your overall quality of life, but that greed and the insatiable desire to capitalize off of peoples suffering is so profitable that politicians are bought to ensure that laws are put into place to punish and imprison us for just simply wanting to feel better man :mad:

    /end rant


    Oh, one more thing---how f*cked up is it that DC would become one of the 16 Legal Medical Marijuana States?? all sorts of f*cked up if you ask me, makes me even more mad just thinking about it :mad::mad::mad:
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    I am frequently in the hospital for kidney problems as well for IV flushing and alot of the times they give me Dilaudid, and that initial feeling you get after about 1 minute is the feeling I want to avoid from taking pain meds. I can't stand that feeling it's scary as shit and I just dont like it. Smoking pot makes me really giggly and I see no benefit from laughing when I have a muscle disorder like the one I have.

    Hope that helps make sense of what my intentions are for seeking advice on this forum and stuff, I know nothing about medicinal marijuana and you guys were the first to pop up on a google search.

    Also, just to clarify since I forgot to mention and I'm really into bashing prescription drugs in the first place, this whole MD thing wasn't a natural progressing disease that I acquired. Yes, genetically, I was predisposed for developing MD as a carrier, it was after being put on a statin drug that started the rapid destruction of my muscles(there's a link between these, they are still trying to figure out why through research). So the symptoms I'm having are ALS type symptoms, but it was statin induced myopathy that sort of started all of this rapid decline. I only took the drug for 2 weeks, and even at the lowest dosage I was hospitalized with Rhabdomyolysis and it nearly killed me. My problem is instead of my symptoms improving once the drug was flushed out of my system, it's actually progressing and rapidly so. This is extremely rare so much so that I will begin treatment at the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center next year, hopefully after the holidays.

    So word of advice, if your doctor tries to put you on ANY cholesterol lowering drug, be sure you know your complete family history before taking it because there is a link between the statin part of cholesterol meds(which they all contain) and genetics. Trust me, you do not want to live with this shit. It's been 11 months since this all began and I went from being an active person, military background, PT patch for having some of the highest scores, to not being able to even type on a computer without needing software to help me.

    My bodily functions have been taken from me, rapidly, and for as long as i'll be fortunate enough to still live I'll warn everyone everywhere about statins now.

    So, my advice:

    1. Know your family history before your physical/yearly exams
    2. Discuss in detail the effects of stain drugs with your doctor and the effects they may have on you
    3. if your doc seems clueless about what you're saying, thank him for his time and gtfo of there and find a new doc.
    4. if taking a statin drug is your only option, then watch yourself---brown or tea colored urine=bad(very fkn bad actually). Muscle pain=bad.

    One poor choice to take a pill to lower my cholesterol, my "borderline cholesterol" that wasn't even high, 2 weeks of taking it nightly, and in less than a year I've lost most of the muscle mass in my arms, shut down my kidneys and all over something that I didnt even need to take.

    Be careful and think long and hard about these drugs they give you, doctors mean well most times but dont be afraid to question them!!

  9. I'm really sorry to hear of your plight, just goes to show how the pharmaceutical world is fucked up. Anyway, first off, yes, you can find many foods with marijuana in. Check out the 'Incredible Edible Herb' section of this forum, it's got a lot of useful knowledge. Secondly, no, I don't think so. But it's not really in the same kind of zone as a lot of other medicines and drugs, the high is very different. if you can find a certain strain that gives you more of a body high than a head high, you might be able to still function well. Best of luck to you.
  10. If You want to skip the high part i recomend a vaporizer. They release more CBN which is good for pain/medical needs. More THC is realesed when you burn, there for the high effect. Might want to look into them. There anywhere 50$-300$

  11. But I have my daughter I dont want to do something like that in the house ya know :(

    I was thinking like...something I could like grind into powder and mix into olive oil and put on bread or something?

    And someone said something about strains---this is going to make me sound like a complete dork but pot is like, a plant there's different kinds?

    Thats like---crazy now i'm really confused

    Either way, until it becomes legal for me to get it without getting into trouble with local police(which might happen soon hence why I'm at these forums) it wont matter anyways I'm not gonna just go buy it from someone I dont do stuff like that >.<

    Thanks for all the info, I'm kind of overwhelmed with info at this point(strains??? lol) but I think browsing the forums will probably answer alot of my Q's

    Oh and brownies would be a no-go for love brownies of my kid got a hold of one I'd never forgive myself and mentally punish myself for life D:

    I'm a mommy just looking for a way to feel normal enough to be able to have a little but of pain relief so I can enjoy time with my kids, not get high or something I'd like to be able to function.

    I do have use of my arms, so I can still do's just very limited use so after about 45 seconds or so, if I'm ya know playing a video game or something with my kid or on the phone, I'll stop because I have to.

    Oh and I cant even hold my new nephew he weighs like 12 pounds now or something Q__Q

  12. I think what you might want is Cannabutter. literally, it's just butter but with the added goodness of green. How To Make Cannabutter [W/ Pics] You could spread it on your toast or put it in your sandwiches.

    And strains, well, I guess it's similar to humans. They all have different properties, all the same species but with different genetics so they give you different highs. And also like humans, the potency isn't just determined by it's genetics but by the conditions in which they grow.

    Put simply, some White Widow will give you a different high to northern Lights, or whatever.
  13. MD being muscular dystrophy?
  14. Are you on coenzyme Q10 now?
    I can firmly recommend Rick Simpson Oil (Hemp Oil, Whole Plant Cannabis extract) because, once you build up a tolerance, you don't get high any more.:)
    It takes a couple of weeks of heavy sleeping to get to the proper tolerance leave, but then you can go on with life, unstoned and pain free. Just keep it away from the kids, not that any normal child would be able to eat it....its a strong tasting dark tar like substance.
  15. It's going to be tough to medicate with marijuana and not get high, but there are strains if you could get your hands on them that have low levels of THC(the compound that gives a large part of the high) and high levels of cannabinoids(the compounds you want, which won't really get you high but will help with your ailments), but you're probably not going to be able to drive to another state (unless they do allow people from Virginia to use the DC medical marijuana, I don't know) to get your medical marijuana and getting those strains without medical is going to be tough.

    My advice would be to cook marijuana edibles, and use heavy indica strains. You can go slow with the edibles, so you don't get too high, and you'll get relief. Give it a shot. You can find all sorts of guides for edibles in the edibles forum section here on grasscity. Good luck.
  16. There are two types of cannabis plants: Indica and Sativa. Indicas mostly give you a body high (what you're looking for) and sativas give you head high. There are many strains, but you would probably want to look at something like OG Kush which is a strain. Keep in mind, many strains are mixed; anywhere from 50% indica, 50% sativa, 70-30, and even full indica (which is what I would suggest for alleviating pain).

    Edibles are extremely possible, yes. There's a whole section on this forum that explains the many different times of ways to prepare edibles.

  17. Correct.

    But what I'm dealing with is this:

    Statins and Neuromuscular Disease
    Statins may reveal underlying neuromuscular disease. According to investigators from the University of Athens Medical School, patients with asymptomatic neuromuscular disorders may have their condition precipitated by statin use.

    I took a statin drug for 2 weeks and this happened:

    Rhabdomyolysis is the breakdown of muscle fibers that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the bloodstream. Myoglobin is harmful to the kidney and often causes kidney damage.

    Usually, once the offending drug is removed from a persons systems their symptoms improved significantly and rapidly, however, in rare cases 0.5%, it continues and deterioration continues. The symptoms I'm still having 11 months after stopping this medicine are elevated CPK's, generalized muscle pain and weakness, loss of normal function in my arms, usually after trying to type or putting on make up, washing my hair etc...however my arms still work., but limited usage. I get my blood tested bi weekly to make sure the Rhabdo doesnt come back because that could case my kidneys to shut down, again.

    So I don't have MD, but since it runs in my family, it may have been triggered by the statin drug I was given. My symptoms are so perplexing(to the local doctors here) and because of the link between the statin drug, MD, my genetic precursors, and the duration of symptoms vs the time I've been off the "offending" drug, a team of doctors at the John's Hopkins Myositis center are interested in treating me. So long as they don't try to turn me into some damn lab experiment, or dont try to make me take that drug again, then I'm probably going to go ahead and at least let them evaluate me.

    TLDR: statin induced myositis, possibly MD----muscle biopsy and EMG results pending.
  18. Just found this. Remembered this thread.

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