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People with Glasses.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PCmids, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I bought a pair of those fake hipster thick rim glasses from hot topic and I wear them whenever I'm high and people have NO idea. I could be retarded high and acting like a complete idiot, but as long as I have those stupid glasses on everybody thinks I'm a really smart, responsible and more mature person.

    The reason I bought them was because when I was watching Never Get Busted with Barry Cooper, he said cops always tend to not profile people with glasses as criminals and hence they always leave them alone. I agree completely, not just cops but everyone has no idea. I think it's the greatest idea ever if you have to hide being high. Anyone agree or have this happen to them?
  2. I wear contacts and glasses but I always blaze with glasses, but not for your reason, just because the contacts always seem to get dry and blurry when I blaze with them in.

    But I see where your going, yea people are going to less suspect someone of being high if they're wearing glasses...well at least if your eyes are open and they arent red :smoke:
  3. I have prescription glasses idk though even when I'm not wearing them cops never bother me about stuff the one time I did he just said I'm gonna let you off with a warning but my other friends got in trouble and they were with I have no idea why I didn't and I was the only one high lol.
  4. genious hahaha
  5. Stereotypes ftw :smoking:
  6. with this logic,
    oh the possibilities.. :rolleyes:
  7. For some reason when I was younger I always thought I looked nerdish with glasses. People always still say that I ALWAYS looked like a stoner... I don't believe it. >.>

  8. [​IMG]
  9. Yup. Get yourself some Oaklies.. who the FUCK is going to search you if you have Oaklies?
  10. well why dont u sit in a wheelchair after u blaze then, im sure ppl would definitely leave u alone then
  11. ^^ Thats a Valid Point!
  12. They're handy for solar hits, too. Fashionable and functional.
  13. I wear glasses and contacts and don't really think people treat me differently either way.
  14. I wear sunglasses...that count? Nobody can tell. Doesn't work as well inside though; then they think your hungover or something haha.
  15. I wear glasses when watching tv or things that are a bit far away.

    People actually seem to think glasses look good on me. I beg to differ lol
    So I dont wear em often.
  16. I wear glasses and contacts. I just started wearing contacts again after only wearing glasses for two years. Glasses can be a pain in the ass; having to worry about smudge marks and they get in the way of things.

    I'm not sure about cops leaving people alone who wear glasses, though. I don't really get bothered by cops, but I'm also very good at being cute and innocent... lol
  17. Even better it you're black and wear glasses, you can get yourself a whole new class of bitches!

    [ame=]curb your enthusiasm leon's glasses - YouTube[/ame]
  18. I wear prescription glasses and i actually kind of like wearing them :confused_2: Got some contacts awhile back but i absolutely hated them, glasses are just way more chill. Only problem is having to worry about them at amusement parks, and when you pass out at parties. I used to always spend the morning after parties stumbling around looking for my glasses. Now i leave myself notes lol
  19. What do you have to back up your theory?
  20. Geek here. Glasses get mad pussy. Or so I've heard. Haha jk I lovE my glasses and always thought if I ever got busted they would be less likely to search me because of my pimp squares.

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