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People Who Wont Admit Theyre High

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ManCandy, May 22, 2013.

  1. I have a few friends, that no matter how much we smoke, if I ask If they're high, they're like "nah I dont feel it" no matter how baked they look, sound, or whatever, they just won't admit they're high. Anyone else know someone like this?
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    They're just wanting to smoke more haha and/or just fucking with ya. 
  3. This is exactly it. lol
  4. I'm like that :p
  5. My cousin says that she doesnt really feel it if she smokes, or if she does its only for like 10 mins. Ive heard other people say they dont feel it too
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    oh well, just enjoy your highh. dont worry about theirs.
  7. Classic line for bud fiends
    Or maybe they don't want to tell you because you ask. I mean, they are smoking weed as well with you. You know they are high, why ask? 
  9. I have a friend who will exclaim he is high as fuck, then ten minutes later try to convince me he isn't high at all. And he does this every ten minutes.
    It sucks to smoke with him if you just wanna sit back and chill.
  10. this only happens when other people smoke your bud.
    like your bud is some "magical strain that doesn't allow people to get high."
    enjoy what you get. beggars can't be choosers.
  11. as soon as i soke da swet swwet grnji mun i get hayigh
  12. they want you to smoke more bud with them or they think u can get even better bud to smoke with them
  13. The answer is simple. If they are not getting high, stop wasting perfectly good herb on them and keep it for yourself. It doesn't make much sense to keep smoking these people up, if they don't even feel the effects or claim that they don't anyway. 
  14. People like that just want to smoke more of your bud. I knew someone like that, we would literally smoke 2 grams of quality weed and he'll say he's not high. Even though you could obviously see he was. To me it's just a different way of mooching. Most moochers will get high and leave. These guys don't leave until they smoke it all.

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