People who think OWS and ANON were-are fails..

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RememberTheName, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I seriously.. Just don't understand how you can say that these are/were failures.

    Anon JUST declared war on the US and has been doing PLENTY of political Hacktivism over the last year or two..

    And Occupy Wall Street didnt fucking over throw the govt like everyone expected., OWS was a step bro's not a fail.

    If you think that either of these were failures. YOU are part of the American problem.

    You want instant gratification.

    Sadly. Revolutions and govt cleansing doesn't fucking happen over night. This shit takes years of these kind of movements before one will finally hit home and take it for the win.

    Just slow down and enjoy the chaos people. Fuck.
  2. exactly....the real failure are the ones who are complaning its a failure yet still sit around doing least Anons are taking a stand and making something happen....just like OP said...."If you think that either of these were failures. YOU are part of the American problem."
  3. OWS was definitely full of fail...
  4. This is the only Revolution I subscribe too!

  5. So far it's only cable news worthy.
  6. I will elicit exactly why they are both failures.

    1. Anon is using force, coercion and threats as a means to obtain their end. They wish to enforce their ethos on everyone else. Even though a large portion of Anon support AnCap/Libertarian Ideals, the use of force is no go. Ergo Anon has failed.

    2. OWS is the American problem. They had hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and did nothing but waste the money. If they truly believed their ideals were stronger than those of Wall Street/Government Policy they should have beat them at their own game - E.g open up their own bank run transparently and not for profit.

    They didn't they wasted the money living out their socialist dream until all the money ran out. They are the perfect example of how socialism is a failure.

  7. Has Anon ever really followed through on their threats to attack various governmental agencies though? I thought all they'd done was DDoS attacks on gov websites.

    Though I 100% agree with Mirv that any use of force even if it's "for good", is unacceptable. The ends do not justify the means. I like what I read somewhere once (some libertarian website), that guns and threats are the tools of the fascist, and that education is our tool.
  8. I can't say Anonymous is a failure because it's not an actual thing. Anyone can claim to act on their behalf and frankly, I think that "hacktivism" is just going to be used as an excuse for some bullshit cyber security bill to be passed that will end up destroying the internet as we know it. While it's good that they're exposing the truth, it didn't actually accomplish anything.

    OWS had the same problem that Anonymous has. There's no clear goal, no structure, no anything. I wish they could just decide on a clear goal that isn't completely retarded. They complain about government/corporate relationships and their answer to it is more government. If they did what the Pirate Party in Germany and Sweden did, then they'd be a success. Become an actual political party, get elected into Congress, and make shit happen.

    Camping out on Wall Street doesn't do dick. It doesn't raise awareness of anything except how much time/money they wasted. If people weren't already aware that lobbyists/corporations have America by the balls, no amount of protesting will change it.

  9. Thread can end as of now.
  10. They hack Gov't sites all over the world, not just the USA, and thats because anyone can be an ANON hacker. Second, on Xmas eve Anon hacked Stratfor (known as the shadow CIA) and gave over 200 gigs of emails to Wikileaks who in turn has released said info. My favorite emails were the ones stating the Bin Ladens body was not dumped at sea but flown to America, DE to be exact.

    So yeah, Anon definitely makes good on shit. Its retard wanna be's who make shitty Anon videos saying their gonna shut down Facebook and the internet that people need to ignore.
  11. I have to disagree with you on the first point. Simply because without force, we are getting nowhere. We're trying to work within the system to fix what's broken, by voting Ron Paul into office, but the system is already so corrupt, they're getting away with frauding the people of their vote, and doing it so openly that in Maine, everyone that voted or would have voted for RP was told almost literally "your votes don't count".

    If we play by the rules trying to fix the broken system, and they still refuse to play fair, that doesn't leave much choice but to use force to make the required changes. At least the force that anonymous is using is just through the Internet. If someone said "let's start the revolution by enacting our second Ammendment rights!" today, I would be all for it, because forceful change is the ONLY means the PTB are leaving us with.

    Maybe, if anonymous had the ability, there would be one more way to make the required change, defrauding their system back, to just altogether declare Ron Paul the victor in every state left in the primaries, and giving him every delegate as well. But, that would still be fraud, it would make us, no better than they are, so, they can have their revolution the easy way, by playing fair, or the hard way, with force, and they aren't giving us the easy way...
  12. IMO i think anon is a group probably formed by the gov't in order to incite panic/revolution/unrest to make the population unrestful, create large riots and protests, then once this is happening it will scare the other people with half a brain to look at shit and be llike wtf we need more police and we need to give up more of our freedoms for security against all these crazies in the streets. Thereby fully destroying our constitution = mission accomplished by the bankers. Idk probably seems retarded but why all the fear mongering in the videos?

  13. To add to that, they never actually camped out on Wall Street when it began on Sept. 17, 2011, or after that, which I predicted on the OWS thread, last August, when the demonstration actions were first announced.

    So, the occupation of Wall Street was a failure, but they took over a small, concreste NYC privately-owned park, several blocks from Wall Street, near Ground Zero, for two months. When that was over, the donations stopped coming - people lost interest.
  14. OWS.

    Rofl. what a joke of a movement.
  15. PeaceFul and Change aren't allowed in the same sentence.

    I fully believe that to defeat our govt we must use force.

    Others why's they'll just brush us under the rug like OWS

  16. Muawwhahahah the elitist plan is working perfectly .........

  17. I disagree, once you start using violence you turn into "them" :p. I think it's an inescapable fact of human nature.

    Maybe I'm just a silly idealist but that's how I feel.
  18. I think "Anonymous" (whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean, for all you know it could be just 12 fat, ultra-nerds collaborating together from their respective mothers' basements) would be more respectable (but not by much) if they didn't have their roots in such depraved lunacy as 4chan.:rolleyes: And if they ditched that tired-ass, ridiculous V for Vendetta crap. Sure, sounds superficial, and it kinda is, but that shit just rubs me the wrong way. Whenever I see one of those wannabes in their lame Guy Fawkes mask spouting such cliche drivel as "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us." I cringe in disgust and must flee immediately. You ever get that feeling where you're grossly embarrassed for someone else? Yeah that's how I feel whenever I hear or read that word...

    Oh, and OWS was doomed from the start. Did anyone truly believe they were the ones who were gonna change the world?:rolleyes:

  19. No your right, anon is a tool used by the big bankers to create unrest so eventually they can come in with their socialist corportacracy and further destroy our Constitution and take their seat as king of the (once) free world.

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