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people who suck high.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by guitarhero811, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. any of u hang out with people that are complete fuckin ass holes when there high. like one person who just fucks with people and wont chill out. god damn, the plant aint for hoes like you!

  2. ha, chill out much, just convince tht guy 2 go smoke on his own.
  3. yea my friend who i smoke with most of the time is a violent person stonned ocasionly and wont stop wresting when i am a very mellow person that still mucks around but i like my space when im smoking and he just pisses me off i feel ur pain mayn :(

  4. i had a friend like that-but never had that problem being im 6'6 and one of my hobbies include rugby.

    the worst type of person high?

    easily has to be the guy who doesnt shut the fuck up about it/or once he/she starts telling a story-no matter how short it is, drag it out for like 10 minutes haha
  5. dude yer gonna have a stroke or something

    why tell us? just fuck right back with the person

    my niece is 12 and she acts like that just normally... how old are your friends?

    its okay to be very very picky who you smoke with

    chill bro :smoke:
  6. lol im 6ft2 like 90 kilos i can take care of my self but when im stonned i like to be in my happy place n just chill uno watch grandmars boy eat food n chill or go out n chill not be violent it always gets to the stage were he pisses me off so much i get angry push him off me then that totaly like wrecks my high dno why
  7. the only time i've ever really had that problem was smoking with absolute newbs, because they just dont know how to handle themselves high and make asses of themselves. but i don't really hold it against them for the first couple times. however, if its someone with experience, then i say fuck it, stop smoking with them. nothing is more insulting than a blatant buzzkill.
  8. lol i know what you mean i know this kid hes fucking anorexic and small as hell just had both lungs collapsed and i cant beat the shit out of him, cause of it. Sadly he is a totall dick when he is high, and all of the girls think its funny cause we dont do anything about it.. why? because his lungs are fucked up and one blow to his fucking ribs from me would shatter them honestly.. (not even exagerating im not that big but concidering how small he is id shatter him..) i hate people like this i got to wait 3 weeks untill he is "recovered" so that when he fucks with me again im turning around and popping one right into his lung.

  9. You sound like one of the people the OP is talking about...Why would you punch a kid with lung problems in the ribs, just chill and fucking ignore him or don't smoke with him if you dont like how he acts.
  10. whatever, if you knew you wouldn't criticize.
  11. Woohoo for violence :confused:
  12. ya my bro is like taht hes fucking agressive when hes high butt but i beat him down when im sober... wtv dnt smoke w them if there gonna be asses its just gonna lower ur buzz ..
  13. Don't chill with him then shroomclouder goddamn there's no need to be violent. Nobody's making you smoke with him, unless you're just taking advantage of his pot, in which case yeah he paid you can put up with it.

    People who get too "oh dude let's have a lighter war" are kind of annoying but sometimes I get in that mood. Besides if they do mess with me I'll just be like "cut it out" and hit 'em with something :)
  14. yeah we had this one guy who got annoying kuz he would try to fuck with you and he would do things like flash the room lights on and off. we just yelled at him everytime he did something like that and he was smart enought to realize that no one wants to be fucked with haha. hes now stoner trained smokes with us all the time and doesnt bother us haha hes actually quite entertaining now.
  15. hell yeah, i believe that people who are gay when fucked up and shit like that simply suck at drugs.
  16. dude lol that sounds eaxactly like what i do. i always watcch Grandmas boy its fucking hilarious! im a lil shorter and a lil heavier too:p
  17. We all gotta realize that some people will just lose control once or twice. I'm usually a mellow person but I've had times where I've acted like a complete idiot. I'm ashamed of it, but it happens to everyone. If its a recurring thing, then by all means, do something, but if it happens once, give em another chance.

    Something I like to do with people that are retarded when they smoke, just fuck with them. Give them dead lighters or cashed bowls and watch them struggle with it...or burn their leg hair off.
  18. If you don't like how they act why chill with them?
  19. lol i no how u feel kuz wen me and my friendz smoke bhind r parentz backz we all freek out lol!11

    Most immature thread ever. Reported.

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