People Who Smoke For The Image.

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  1. Yall know anybody who smokes thinkin it's gonna make them look cool amongst people they know? I mainly see it with people who think their gangbangers. Like this dude I know, just makes sure that everyone knows he smokes, even with people he smokes with, he'll just sit there, "I wish I had a straw right now." over and over so he could roll a J because he JUST learned the straw method and wanted to show off. WE DIDNT HAVE ANY WEED. fuckin idiot. You know anyone like that? Utter posers who think they know everything about Weed but have no idea what Sativa is?
  2. What's there to know about weed?

    You just smoke it... that's all...
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    Yeah really only happened when I was 13-18 tho after that your either smoke or you don't no one really cares anymore haha I'm pretty sure most people start and continue smoking only cause they like it tho

    Edit: Didn't read the whole post what does it matter if you know what your talking about? Some people just smoke to smoke only certain people like to be educated about it to most it's just weed not a science. For example when people drink alcohol I think they could care less how it effects them or about certain ways of brewing (shit I don't know shit about it I just know what to get haha) people like to just get intoxicated

  4. Yeah just when I was sayin cause we were smokin yesterday and most of us got energetic cause we were in a Forest smokin, and I said "this is some Sativa for sure hahaha." and my two "image smoker" friends looked at me like a weirdo and shit, but they try claimin they know the most about Weed, thats my beef with it,
  5. Yeah nevermind I understand for sure some people are just cocky think they know it all just gotta show them that they really don't and they need to float back down to earth and get there head outta the clouds :smoke:
  6. straw method huh? lol i can imagine exactly how that works without seeing it.
  7. Most of my stoner friends are like that they don´t even know the difference between sativa and indica. That's why sometimes I just want to blaze on my own.
  8. You guys should teach em or something. :cool:
  9. They don't fucking care that's the problem
  10. You smoke it and get high. That's all there is you really need to know.
  11. I know plenty of people like that, especially this noobie I smoked out. the lil fuck wouldn't listen to how to hit it and didnt get too high. The next day in school he kept talking about how he "blazed" and acted like he was the shit. I really hate that guy-especially cause I was trying to keep it on the DL. And sorry if you other blades use the term "blaze", but when someone says it, it just irks me:(.

    I can go on and on about this guy, but I doubt ranting on teh interwebs will help any..

    I agree with you OP, I don't mind social smokers who just smoke to smoke and don't feign badassatry. it's the ig'nant cunts that act the shit that piss me off.
  12. didnt even know there were people that smoked for the looks...comes across pretty...weird
  13. Inform the living hell out of them and guilt trip them for not appreciating the nuances of this wonderful plant we cannabis connoisseurs so thoroughly enjoy, it's the only way ! :eek:

    Some people may not be able to learn about marijuana as much as they or we would like them to due to a myriad of reasons, that's fine with me.
  14. Weed isn't a secret society. Anyone and everyone can and should smoke weed. Who cares how much they know about it?
  15. You mad, bro?
  16. I fucking hate people that think they know everything about weed but there just dumbfucks. Like i you smoke to smoke and be high thas cool and all but i hate people who smoke and think they know about what it is and they just dont. I made a thread jut ranting about acouple of my friends and how they thought you got high from an allergic reaction? When they said that to me i just laughed in there faces hahaha. But me i like to smoke to be high and i love learning about the scientific side of marijuana it just facinates me. (sorry about spelling errors on an ipod)

  17. So you're accusing them of practicing hilarious ignorance? Cool.
  18. hes not complaining about when people dont know anything about bud..its when they ACT like they know everything when really they dont even know how to inhale properly..:poke::poke:
  19. Who posts threads on grasscity?
    We do!
    We do!
  20. As long as they're not spreading their BS, I'm also fine with that.

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