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People who lie to be cool

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NowIsB, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else have that friend who seems to be jealous or something and makes shit up to sound like he is cool?

    I've know this guy since like 1st grade and we have been best buds since then. It was a shaky start though (with the lying). He doesn't lie about things that are important, just stupid shit. Like in first grade he tried to convince me he went to the moon with his dad... and just pretty much everything he has said since then is either 10% truth or just complete and utter bullshit. Hes a smart guy and hes good at manipulating and it is annoying. For instance as of late I have been receiving very high grade marijuana from my dealer(s). Since, he has been sexting me all kind of lies every few days and is like "ya man just smoked a big bowl of Headband, did u get the pic I tried to send?" I just said "oh cool, no i didnt get the pic bro". All the while knowing he more than likely didn't smoke at all and even more likely did not acquire any Headband. It just annoys me that he tries to let things slip by me, even though i usually just agree with him and rarely call him out on his bullshit.

    Anyone know of someone like this and/or how to deal with this.
  2. I wouldn't care less if I were you or if you were I.
  3. You said yourself it's small stuff so just ignore it, if it bothers you that much tell him.

  4. lolwut
    and dont bother with it. i have a friend who does the same shit.

  5. I don't lie to be cool, I'm cool because I lie.
  6. lol i'm glad you noticed, i snuck that in there for fun idk why lol.

    But yea i suppose it is just easier to go along with it than try and deal with it.

    Maybe if i introduce him to some sour D or trainwreck he will stop trying to pull fast ones on me.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. sounds like a goof lol kids around my old high school would get dropped for bullshitting like that, cause you come off as such an awkward loser that people just wanna hit your face when they see it.
  9. Could you give us a better example? I mean other than the obvious that your friend is gay, and is trying to come out to you.
  10. Not a fail if it was placed there on purpose.
  11. I wonder how many people on this site are like that kid.

  12. ^^ i wonder this same shit too.

    Does it make you feel better lying about some purple kush you just got from your homeboy on the block on an marijuana message board? XD

    Good for you guys.
  13. I have a friend just like him! Ugh. I managed to make him stop lying by calling him out in a sneaky way. I was like, "Have you heard of ____ band?" It turns out I made up the name of the band and he was like, "Yeah, they're so good, blah blah blah".
    Me: "They don't exist you fucking liar!"

    Hahaha. Try it.

    EDIT: Actually, he still lies. Just not as much. They're called pathological liars I believe.
  14. Yo guys today i found a growop and broke in and then stole thousands of marijuanas!!!

  15. [ame=]YouTube - Man in the Box - The One Upper[/ame]
  16. Hey "best bud", that shit I said wasn't a lie. Now go get a new best bud and stop making shit up.

    lolll just kidding, but that conversation would have been awwwwkwaaard XD

  17. I would have to say that describes you, I mean, you aren't really a pavilion are you?
  18. These people lie about like everything.

    I just lied about being a Pavilion.
  19. I know a guy just like this at work. It's so obvious that he's lying just about almost everything but he's kinda mastered it somewhat, know what I mean? He's like the devil.. he mixes in lies with truths making it hard to tell if he's ever really being truthful at all. He's one of those redneck type of douchers that thinks he's tougher than everyone else and is always talking shit or putting other people down. I don't like him at all but I'm forced to converse with him since I see him so much at work. Dude annoys the fuck outta me.
  20. Start lying to your friend. If he's really lying, he'll keep trying to outlie you.

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