people who have gotten busted

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smash, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. how did you get caught?

    i've heard some crazy stories before, whats yours
  2. something i do not ever want to recall again
  3. Yeah, so me and my gf were in the back of my car on this deserted dead end a few blocks from my house, when my mom pulls up next to the car, both of us naked and enaged.
  4. ..wait, I think I had the wrong idea
  5. lmfaoooo
  6. Lmao..If anyone got busted how many plants and did you get charged with anything?
  7. i got busted with 40grams of hash when police raided my room
    they played bad cop good cop that was some funny shit
    and they didnt even find it all :rolleyes:
    i got cought couse my dealer got cought with half a kilo and ratted me and some friends out couse he had shit loads of more drugs hidden in his house so he wanted to play nice.
    well anyways we got him what he deserved and he moved out of town , havent seen him since:hello:

    have been cought 4/5 other times for stupid shit i aint even gonna mention :p
  8. He had half a kilo, and you got mad cuz he ratted you out for 40 grams? Id be mad sure...for a little bit...but i wouldnt drive him outa town.

    And i got busted with 4 plants maybe 1/4 complete in its growing and i just got them ripped out and got a ticket for small pos. and they left. However...I have heard of somebody growing 15 plants in their room and actually getting some time and a felony.

    So whatever you do...dont make it tooo risky. Make sure it fits your needs. And make sure that if you dont really have your own space to grow in...that you dont go overboard and try growing 3 pound. Some people get dissapointed when you tell them that they'll only get a pound out of maybe 9-12 plants. and the amount of work that goes into those 9-12 plants.

  9. well how the fuck could he know how much i had or what my freinds had.
    as i said they didnt find the rest of my stash.
    he was just a big pussy .
    if you deal big and get cought you should take it like a man and not rat out everyone you know.:devious:
  10. Oh trust me, I know. Rats suck. Rats only rat to get less time or get a deal for themselves. A rat, in just selfish in the end. However...40 grams doesnt even get you in trouble does it? I mean i ticket maybe...but instead of driving him out of town...ida made him pay me back plus intrest...give me 60-80 grams of some hash bitch....thats how ida handled it. Your right though....Cant say your wrong. And you said he was a big pussy....and big pussys suck....literal or not.

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