People who eat piss me off

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by livelaughlearn, Jul 31, 2011.

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    Dude like...i don't care if you eat beef and tomatoes but dont fucking rub it in my face. people who eat are soooo egotistical. fuckin piss me off. wow, get off your high horse.
    non-food-eaters can't go to any restaraunt or lunch or buffet or anything and choose only air. No, some insecure moron always has to make some snide remark because for some reason eating dumb food means that much to them. "darf darf darf its gay to not eat food! food tastes so good how could you not like it!" And they always think its damn hilarious to chew food with their mouth open right next to your face and making stupid noises while they do it. And stop trying to tell me food tastes good. /rant
  2. troll...and a shit one at that
  3. Didn't a mod just close another thread like this? And you just posted up a new one? For what purpose?
  4. typical response for a food-eater

    soooo mean
  5. soooo from the his thread u made i automatically assume ure homosexual and your parents dont love you
  6. dude get the fuck of GC,for one reason your a troll and another,this isnt even weed related
  8. Not everything on GC has to be weed related it's were smokers can discuss things also including weed but yeh he is a troll i reported him and so should you, if you have a problem with something just hit report, instead of feeding the troll.
  9. So he's a troll, I wouldn't report on him though. Because you know who else reports on things? Concerned mothers. To cops. About weed.

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    I have to admit, this made me spew a bit of beverage from laughter
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    Haha OMG man you 15 or something ?? there's no huge concequenses just means the thread will probably get closed.

    Buy yeh you hardcore man yall don't report no one cus yall n your bitches be all tripping if da shit went down yall OG :rolleyes:
  12. Bunch of uptight cocks in here, and for weed smokers you guys are sad.
    A guitar forum I visit does this all the time, these parody threads are hilarious.


  13. So is the colour yellow man LAY OF DUDDDDEEEEE BE CHILL :p

  14. The colour purple is my favorite movie man, big ups.
  15. people who eat piss get me off.

    edit: 420th post!
  16. win. :p

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