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People who don't use water in bongs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Chode, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. You're killin' me, damnit! All of you people who substitute water for Coca Cola or something, you're losing valuable THC in the soda! It's too damn dense!
  2. I don't think THC is soda-soluable or whatever....only certain things like alcohol
  3. and Chode a couple days ago didn't you post about how you loved to use club soda in a bong?
  4. Club soda isnt soda... club soda is carbonated water so from whta he stated, the pop, soda, coke, whatever u guys call it (i call it pop) IS to dense, its made from syrup. Club Soda IS water. I say you guys should just stick to a lil bit of water and crushed ice in your bong... I promise you'll love the way u dont even feel the smoke.

  5. No tisnt = tis has been fucked about with at bottling plants. Fizzy water & the americanisms in our english language are crimes against humanity.

    And thats if you like bongs anyway - ew...dirty smelly disgusting things.

  6. where to start... sigh
  7. I don't know if what she said was tellin me i'm wrong and a stupid american or that i was right... and i broke some law :p

  8. Yeah, I don't know either. :D
  9. Very Confused.
  10. Yeah, club soda is far different. It's actually less dense then water, with the advantage of carbonation, so you could far more bubbles, more THC is exposed to the air surface quicker, and you get a smoother hit.

    But seriously, I know I'm right. You lose THC when you filter it through soda. I don't know if the THC is absored, or just caught and dissolved. Try smoking a bowl with water, then with soda, I promise that you'll notice a difference.
  11. Yes you are right, i've done both... and anyway with pop it just doesnt taste right.. n ur bong gets all gooey... now thats foul... resinated pepsi...
  12. The CO2 bubbles in coke will rip up your throat man. You're taking in bud and popping those bubbles, making more bubbles, and taking the CO2 in with the bud smoke. Hell harsh.
  13. When i smoke a bong i don't use water myself, i just smoke it but whenever i'm with a friend who dosen't really smoke out of anything else other than a bong with water in it then i do.
  14. so you smoke out of a dry bong? doesn't that defete the entire purpose of the bong? is there a reason you don't like water?
  15. I smoke out of a bong every chance I get! I love 'em.

  16. First of all I'm a girl.
    Second of all I've been smoking for years - have smoked out of homemades, glass, plastic, metal, the works and I am positive that I don't like bongs, mainly because of the fact the smoke goes through the water.
    The less smoking paraphenalia you have in your possession the better in my opinion. True you can scrape out the oil from bongs, but oil's dirty too - I know it's stupidly pure or somat, but it leaves ur mouth tasting like petrol.
    I much prefer just cotching back with a nice joint and taking my time over it. Plus I have a bit of a smokers/asthmatics cough n bongs make me retch.
    I like buckets though (although some will argue that they are the same as bongs. In my opinion they arent, coz the smoke doesn't go through the water).

    And to answer CallMeHerb - I really think the dynamics and workings of a bong are exactly the same whether u use water or not.

  17. Water Filtration???

    Doesnt it get rid of some of the carcinogens or summat?

    Im tryna sound smart but it probably aint
  18. Yeah, bongs filter out some nasty shit. Especially if you use an ash catcher and double filter it. That's the whole reason I like bongs, they're so clean.
  19. if you guys want the ultinmate bong that will satisfy all your wants and diswants... a vape...

    u guys see the BC Vape on the front page of GC? Well yeah they really are the best shit..and the only way to get 100 percent of the THC... even smoking it doesnt work 100 percent. And they're healthy as hell, and cleaner. You get absoloutly no resin in your lungs, cuz its all water vapor. I've tried makin home made vapes, its not very easy at all, they're a little more complicated than that unfortunatly. But yeah.. Vapes is the way Social for you... and i do definatly agree with you.. i smoke out of bong n bowls all day but thats just cuz i dont care about my lungs...well i do i'd just rather be high than healthy when it comes to it :p Every time i hit a bowl, i cough so hard that i can sometimes taste the coppery taste of blood. So don't discredit her for not liking bongs guys, theydo have they're downfalls.. wonderful as they are, all things do :)

    Also, a thought Social. Ever try just smoking out of a bong with no water, but instead crushed ice? from one sensitive lung to another, you really can't feel the smoke what-so-ever and i hear it gets you higher.. not sure how but i guess it could in theory.
  20. while someone who's tried one's here...what is the difference between a smoked high and vape?

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