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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by cheeba, Apr 11, 2002.

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  1. fucking suck! Don\'t you hate people that have already formed an opinion about you because someone tipped them to the fact that you smoke dope or some similar shit. These people will never understand me...I wish they would just toke with me til they pass out. Fucking straight as an arrow clean as a whistle pussy ass goodie-goodies!

    While I\'m at it I might as well tell you that I woke up and screamed \"Fuck the World.\"
  2. People that close-minded aren\'t worth wasting time worrying about.
  3. Yeah i get that shit all the time, \"Weed is bad for you\" they say and i\'ll say to them well have you ever smoked it b4 ? \"eeeerrrr no\" Well STFU !

  4. It suck what people have been socialized to think. With the proganda in commercials and movies and tv shows. Its engrained into peoples head that pot smoking is wrong and bad etc etc. If they only knew.

  5. This brings an Alice In Chains song to mind.

    \"You cant understand a user\'s mind but try with your books and degrees. If you let yourself go and open your mind i\'ll be you\'ll be doing like me. And it aint so bad\"
  6. no.

    I love it when people have those preformulated opinions about me because I am a stoner. I love to see that moment of realization on their faces when I intelligently and scientiffically explain to them the errors of their propagandized mindset. It\'s always great to know that you totally one-eightied someone\'s opinion of you and on top of that really made them think about all their brainwashed notions or purity. I enjoy breaking that mold, and it leaves them with a good and lasting impression of me--far more so than if they had simply not known that I smoked or formed their wrongful opinions of me.

    Ps- Just wanted to say hi(gh) to the forum. I\'m new here and this seems like a cool place. I\'ll be around.
  7. Whats fun is when i tell people im a stoner they think WOW i didnt think he was a stoner because they all have that image of a tie-dyed out deadhead (which would be fun :D) then they say y?? its so bad for you! (as they guzzle bottle after bottle of brain rotting alcohol) then i tell them that no no your wrong its actually quite safe compared to many legal drugs and it should be legal...... well they get scared and walk away saying i have the \"reefer madness\"....
  8. lol i like that.

    yeah I caught reefer could happen to you!
  9. Free The Weed !!!!!!

  10. AH the funniest ever things to watch that are totaly anti weed are programs like \"saved by the bell\" or \"hang time\" or that kind of program from america. I once heard the line to a weed smoker said by one of these stupid little fools

    \"Oh man you\'re smoking weed... Do you know what that stuff does to you?\"

    Pissed my self (that\'s only a metaphor) laughing at that one!! I would really be tempted to say to that dumbass:
    Do you know what it does? C\'mon, enlighten me professor biology master what does it do...
  11. or even say \"yeah i know what it does,here man have a toke of this shit.does the body good....\"
  12. \"Skreech..NOOOOOO !!! You dont drink the bong water\"
  13. i have a confession to make-i used to be one of those people. I got mad when my friends did it, i talked shit, etc. But im glad i finally tried it, becuase im a much more mellow person, and i realize how extreemly mean and hypoctical i appreared since i drank. But ya know-at least i can look at those people now and laugh
  14. I invited my co-worker over the other day and she was well aware of the fact that i smoked and then she said that she smoked to. I brought her home and everyone toked except her and she was all of a sudden all anti-toking. I mean i think people need to just stay out of other people\'s business unless they really know what\'s going on.

  15. Are the people who USED to smoke, and don\'t now, and get on your case for being a pothead.

    \"I didn\'t realize how bad it was for me and how negatively it affected me until I quit. You should quit. etc. Blah blah blah.\"

    So what, it didn\'t work out for you. You couldn\'t handle it, but that doesn\'t mean I can\'t either!
    Never mind I am the one with my eye towards the future and a decent job, etc. I\'m still destroying my life, right? :D
  16. Frankly my Dear I Don\'t Give A Damn! (what they think) Peace Out...Crocodile
  17. It\'s the people who don\'t smoke...or used to smoke that make it illegal to do so. They\'re the ones that allow you to buy guns, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes...all these things definitely kill people...I don\'t think I\'ve ever heard of anyone dying because they smoked weed...have you? But, the reason they allow us to kill ourselves with the above mentioned legal vices, is that they can make money off these particular things.
    I don\'t care for people who don\'t smoke weed, and won\'t allow me to either.

  18. you are exactly right about what you said.if someone gave the government a plan to profit from it,they would legalize it today.but since they cant they say \"hey lets keep it illegal so we can bust some heads from time to time keep the money they make we\'ll make more money that way\" i also believe that the weed they get from busts and raids goes back on the streets to make more if you look at it that way they are making more this way than they ever could.sad to say this but it will never be legalized in the US.

    as for dying from weed?well maybe if they got shot while on weed.but if you mean overdosing like alcohol or other drugs, no i dont think so.i dont think you can O.D. on weed.unless its laced with something.then anythings possible.i never thought about on weed.i should check into this.

    does anyone else know?

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