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People who don't smoke you up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gracekim, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Ive been smoking for a couple months now and I've run into a problem. I like to smoke people up cus I like smoking and just chilling. But lately I've been low on money so I haven't been able to get a lot of bud. This one friend doesn't have a job and he always smokes with me or my other friends. The problem is... He never has money so he leeches off other people. I didnt mind it for awhile but now I just feel like I'm getting used. He never smokes me up and whenever we do smoke it's only my shit. Yet he still asks to do wake and bakes and such. How can I come off as not an asshole... But making a clear point he needs to smoke me up. I've been chill for awhile but now I just feel like I need to get something in return. I have smoked this kid at least an ounce of weed within the last few months.... Help!
  2. Leeches will always be leeches. Cut and run.
  3. Ask him to pitch in sometimes. If he doesn't, don't smoke him out. If he get's upset, don't talk to him.

  4. He says he doesn't have money. Which is true cus he recently got caught smoking by his parents. So he doesn't have money.. But I would like to get smoked up as well you know?
  5. Seems to be a youngster's dilemma.

    Take these good advice above.

    I'd say the same thing, they'll always be a parasite off your generosity.

    Find more financially stable stoner friends.
  6. You can never trust people. I smoke alone.
  7. Oh man i got a friend like this, i just pay no attention to him cuz my friends+him just bickers non stop about how he never throws down money and he smokes by himself if he got money. And he ALWAYS begs to get a couple hits when me n my friends smoke so i just cut him off, fuck that shit bro Leaches are Beaches!

  8. Dude,:eek: you read my mind.

  9. Yeah man, sorry to hear u had a similiar experience, shit could be annoying. Im a very tolerant person, but if u have a Job AND ur getting payed to school the least u can do is spark up some friends instead of blowing all ur money to just smoke by urself and come haing out just to fucking beg >.>
    P.S=Welcome to the sight bro:bongin:
  10. Realize HE is the asshole, and HE needs to change.
    Fuck trying to avoid being an asshole, the only one way to deal with one....

    I ended a friendship over this:
    1am, phone rings
    F- "hey man wanna come out and smoke a joint, im at the corner of blah blah street"
    M- "nah man I am ready for bed"
    F- "common man, it will be fun"
    M- "yehh sure alright see you soon"

    10 min later
    F- "so uh, you got a joint?"
    M- "seriously? fuck you"

    *guy was a mooch, I dont mind smoking, but expecting me to smoke him after his invite...
    Sometimes you gotta say fuck off to the assholes.
  11. I had a friend like that, a bit after i started to feel used, i just said "DUDE, start getting your own bud and smokin me up man its really annoying" Turns out he thought i was cool with him smokin my shit, fuck no, he treated it like it was his. He's actually an all round douche bag and has moved, i see him sometimes, but only 2-3 times a year.
    He said he bought down a tonne of bud from his dads. Turned out to be 1 gram.
    but it was some frosty shit ;)
    but i didnt even get to have any. what a cunt.

  12. That dude hit you up just so u can come thru confused like shit, whiping the tears from ur eyes to relize he's ASKING if you had a joint. Fucking pathetic son.

  13. yeh man,
    I never mind smoking people, but the second they assume I will smoke them, or expect it, or even ASK for it... I REFUSE now.
    Its an offering I MAKE, not the other way around in my world after that ^guy^...
  14. I had a friend like this, but you know what he tried when he could, and it may never have been a lot. ( got him blazed everyday before school, during school and after school) the entire quarter and he maybe pitched in twice.. and im talking 5 days a week smoking tough a few grams a day easy.

    It really was no big deal though, dude was dirt poor and barely had money to eat, his parents smoked but never kicked him down and they really did not hook him up with food for shit.

    So yea, It was sometimes annoying when i was low and strapped but when he did have, he always tried, so no matter how little it was he at least made the proper attempt when it counted.

  15. Word ^, "Doing a favor is a lot different from getting asked for a favor"
    Im slowly starting to smoke by myself or with true friends who got money to throw down because there's always that 1 person who wants to get smoked up, ill offer a couple hits to my boys but there's some people you just dont wanna smoke up.
  16. I didn't read that im way too high hahaha but fuck people who dont smoke you up!
  17. i think we all have had a friend like that, gets on my nerves too i mean im quite a generous guy and will offer and smoke people up but when they just expect shit and i mean anything, food, sessions, driving them somewhere its like GET FUCKED.

    you just gotta be straight up to people like that its the only way they learn and if they get mad or stop being your mate or whatever. fuck them they don't deserve your kindness anyway and karma will deal with them.
  18. All my friends throw down money and our friend who deals gives great deals for us. Everyone gets smoked out, everyone's happy
  19. that's the best way to do it me and my mates usually go halves or thirds or whatever and everyone just smokes how much they want out of their own stash.

    i only like smoking up others who appreciate it and would do the same for me.:D
  20. That's how its suppose to be meh son, i feel you 115%!
    You smoke to just get smacked with a couple friends for company and just enjoy life.
    But seems like these grimy people who asks for "smoke ups" without throwing down anything smoke, just to smoke and not truly enjoy it. Can ya dig wat im say'in? :bongin:

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