People Who Dont Know Whats Going On, Do You Believe Us conspiracy Theorist Now?

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  1. I'm sure you all know about the NSA thing by now, so can you know admit that us "crazy idiot tin foil hat conspiracy theorists" are the ones that really know what's going on? And that's it's you who finally sees the light?
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  2. I've always assumed the government was spying on everyone all the time so I'm not surprised. But no I still don't believe a lot of the conspiracy theories out there. 
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  3. Honey has it right, that was no conspiricy. Monitoring has gone on for a long time, they just have a more powerful vacuum to suck up the data now. :smoke:
  4. So you really think it doesn't go any deeper?? Cmon now
  5. How so? Do you have a theory?
    Hopefully not like "We are allowing the reptilians full access so that they may determine ....". :smoke:
  6. I can access the akashic records beat that government!
  7. I believe our government is completely corrupt and that America is headed towards a very bad place but I don't believe that the government is orchestrating every bad thing that happens in the county as a cover up for their agenda. 
  8. Yep. What honey said. ^^^
    Conspiracy theories are entertaining at best.
  9. No I don't believe that

    And Sassy, I really feel one day, you'll see too. But it's not gonna be a good day :(
    Ignorance is bliss, I guess.
    If you want to live your life in fear, believing that you are being slighted at every turn, that's on you, but I refuse to live that life.
    I think I have a very realistic view of the corruption of our government, and most, for that matter.
    No government is completely honest with its citizens. It would be impractical and stupid.
    Do I think that the government has any regard for my best interest? No. I do not. 

    I'm not going to get caught up in the "what-ifs"... kind of why I'm agnostic.
  11. This really shouldn't have been a revelation to you. Of course the government has a system to monitor lines of digital communication. How else would they gather intelligence? Seriously? This was never a conspiracy theory, it was something that anyone who understands the slightest bit about how the world works already knew.
    This exact program was already leaked in 2006 lmao and anyone who's ever been involved in some of the....less than legitimate....sectors of the economy ought to be thinking a lot about digital privacy every day anyway. 
  12. eyes wide "shut".    People please open your eyes, their is so much that they (the government) don't tell us. From who shot Kennedy, to the missing time at Watergate, whats NASA's true purpose , 911, CO movie shooting, ect. Stop watching the news you are being brain washed, they tell you what to think and you say oh yea!! NO think for yourself!! if we open our eyes as a "planet" we can change the world. okay, im done ranting, back to my bowl and happy thoughts. 
  13. What people don't seem to understand is that there is a middle ground between believing everything the government tells you and believing every conspiracy theory that comes along. Most of what I see from conspiracy theorists on this site is them telling people to open their eyes and think for themselves but what they really mean is think like ME. We're supposed to question the world around us but if we question the people spouting these controversial and at times completely crazy and nonsensical ideas then we are back to being ignorant sheeple.  I will continue to think for myself and analyze both sides. Everyone has an agenda and no one is looking out for me. 
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  14. its not a think like me, its more of do you really believe that a plane crashed into (the top of a tower and bought it down) if you believe that then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I wanna sell you.....
  15. This is what I want to say in all of these threads, but never have the patience to lmao. Maybe I'll just start copy-pasting this quote. 
  16. "Do you really believe this thing that I don't believe, ya fuckin retard?!?!" sounds a hell of a lot like "Think like me." 
  17. All valid points in this thread.

    But to the ones saying "we all knew phones were tapped anyway" and what not, I don't believe that. I've heard A LOT of people say sarcastically of course "yes, the gov is spying on us right now! Hahahaha" So I don't think it was common knowledge, though it should have been
    Posted this video earlier today, I think it's applicable here.
    Yea I read something about how they record like a billion calls/txts/emails a day...not sure how true that is but still creepy
  20. Oh please. Don't project your own naivete onto others.  :lol:

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