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people who dont know what there talking about but insist they do

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WizTheKhalifa, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. So theres this dealer that claims everyone in the county gets there bud from him and he always has the best top quality medical strains. He tosses me an ounce to look at. It was some stemmy regs and he was trying to pass it off as crazy sour diesel. I have had much better bud in my life than that. Then another kid said if bud has orange hairs its sour diesel. I tried to tell him that there is orange hair on most high quality bud. Then they started talking about hash, I was talking about how to make Iso hash when they said i dont know what im talking about. This really pissed me off. They said "why waste stems doing that when you can put them in a bottle of liquor". I just dont like to be called wrong especially when i know im right. I just left after that. Anyone else have this happen to you.?
  2. Seems like that's my everyday man. Gotta love those know it alls who really don't know at all.
  3. aha yes. last year i was going to pick up a half O for my birthday. it was a bad time, there was a huge drug bust, all dealers in my town and close towns were closed, and i found a kid who had nug. he told me 225 for a half o( i usually pay 180 for dank ) i was desperate and he told me it would be the best nug i ever had ( LOL ) and he rolled up to my house, the nug was not even in a %^&*ing sac or anything, i looked at them and straight up told him I'm only paying 120 for this. he told me he just picked it up for 215, and its straight sour d. well there was no orange hairs, and was definitely not dank. we proceed to fight over dank. i go back into my room, pull out my last time of dank ( coincidental ) and show him, he tells me its shit i just laugh and told him he got ripped off. dunno if its the same and if i made sense lol :D
  4. i also have a friend who's like that, we got into an argument about unmentionables, and according to him weed is more addictive then meth (YES ik) and opium isn't addictive at all. i just laugh TROLOL
  5. I would have fucked with them. No point in getting mad when you know you're right. I love when I show dumbfucks like this my weed. The look on their face is priceless.
  6. I would rather not make iso hash considering iso is not good for you. You can put it in everclear and it absorbs all the thc and you can drink that.
  7. #7 Storm Crow, Feb 24, 2012
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    The cure for cannabis ignorance.... Click that first link in my sig and turn on your printer!

    I find it to be ever so much fun to refute ignorant statements with PubMed studies! A simple, "Oh, so you disagree with these scientists? Where did you get your degree in biochemistry?", usually ends the discussion quite nicely!

    Ultra, you should show your friend these-

    Relative Addictiveness of Various Substances (full - 1990)

    Merck Manual - Marijuana (Cannabis) (excerpt - 2008)***=sh

    Calling B.S. on the Idea of 'Marijuana Addiction' (news – 2008)
    Calling B.S. on the Idea of 'Marijuana Addiction' | Drugs | AlterNet

    Teen Pot Smoking Won't Lead to Other Drugs as Adults (news - 2010)
    Teen Pot Smoking Won't Lead to Other Drugs as Adults

    You know, if you send me an email (see the bottom of my sig), I will send you the BIG Granny's MMJ Reference List- which contains over 670 pages of studies and news article to shut up idiots!


  8. your a saint :hello:

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