People Who Dont Care For Weed

Discussion in 'General' started by ant420ftp, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I hate people who sell and grow in game nobody actually cares about the weed none of the ever I've ever bought my whole life has ever been cured correctly its always still too wet they do that to make f****** profit they don't care about equality of weed and it pisses me off love the marijuana and it would love you everyone is greedy as f*** here...
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  2. I thought tha title was gonna say People Who Don't Care Fail In Life, you just ruined my night
  3. Haha I just wish I could get some good cared for properly cured and trimmed buds

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  4. yeah this thread is confusing.. im not even going to read the whole 1st post
  5. Find a new and reliable dealer.. Problem solved. 
  6. find a new dealer and quit whining
    or kidnap your dealer's or dealer's dealer family until (s)he learns to grow lol
  7. I've had many dealers over my 10 years here and it seems everyone thinks that's normal idk

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  8. grow for yourself
  9. I have before can't at the moment till I get back on my feet .. ga weed game just sycjd

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  10. The guy I get mine from smokes a ton himself so its always pretty damn good. Try and buy off of someone who grows mainly for themselves because they will care a lot more about quality than someone who grows to make a quick couple bucks. I know this from experience. 
  11. Sounds like you're buying from the wrong guy then.
    But, black market is about money. I would be willing to bet in general a very small portion of the market has a love for the herb and a love for being legitimate or honest.
    Money is king. Don't ever forget.
  12. i mean its a business dude, what do you expect.  gotta find a reputable dealer....just like every business. by some shit walmart brand its gonna be shit compared to a legit brand
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    Hello fellow ga cannabis user. What you speak of is the fucking truth of our area...its true. Idk what to tell you tho, the weeds good. Just not cured properly.
  14. I def get what you mean on that I have finally came across a guy that really only grows for himself and a select group of friends. I do have to go else where from time to time between harvest and my last batch I picked up from the other guy was garbage
  15. hahaha they don't care about equality of weed.
    Weed has rights too! :smoke:
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    This one dude some friends and I know real well sells lots of weed and he always gives us great prices (280 /zip of good which is so cheap down here), and he's always on time to meet, always very professional and throwing us free bud. Then the other day some dude was buying a QP from him for 1150 and my dealer sold him rabbit food. It was packaged up in a vac seal bag so you couldn't really see it. Plus it's dark and you got a QP so you don't really examine it closely at the spot of the deal lol. But yea, he jacked him out of 1150 and then my other friend who's also a dealer got blamed for it. So the guy that got jacked showed up at my innocent friend dealers house with a gun and almost shot his old lady. So then mike was bout to kill him cause of that and it's just a big deal lol. Lots of drama in Louisiana

    Edit: the point is, you're right lol, that's why I quoted you. Even all these dudes who have always been nice to me and never done me wrong, are hard ass dudes who are about money.
    Sorry I got distracted haha
  17. i wish someone would sell me some weed : (

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