People Who Claim They Smoke better?

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  1. wtf does that even mean? You know what pisses me off, when people who don't smoke try to act like they're bad asses. The worst part is these types of people brag about it! I don't brag about it, like have you ever gone on Facebook and seen some ratchet looking piece of female anatomy posting a status like "Im fadded a'f" or if you posted a picture of a nug you have and of course SOME asshole has to say something. Why? Does Christ piss on your marijuana? I did not realize everyone was a connoisseur. I just don't get why people have to act better than me, in my eyes everyone is equal. Does anyone else deal with this problem to?

  2. Ah jeez. Yeah, it's annoying. "I smoke more, lol noob" or "I smoke better" is just silly.
    Why not just enjoy the herb and share good times? 

    People like that just make the rest of us look bad. 
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    Yup.. there are a lot of emotionally infantile smokers, haters, and people who just like to act better than other people. The worst egos I've encountered have been commercial growers and DJs, and the most pretentious ass-hat I ever met was both lol. I don't know what to tell you, honestly, which is why I can count my real friends on one hand. The best thing you can do is not give them a chance. Don't post pics, or talk about your stuff. Grow your own, and share with real friends, believe me, real friends might be honest, but they'll never give you shit for smoking them out with weed you grew with your own two hands. The characters get worse the more $ is involved lol..

    Just my .02 from smoking and growing for 16 years :)
    (When I say don't post pics, I meant on Social Networking sites. If you're growing, post up your pics, there's a great community of people who can help you grow your own for very little money!)
  4. I think doing stuff like that is stupid. I do my best to keep it on the downlow. I know what you mean though I remember when I was in school and all of these kids would announce to the class that they smoke. It pisses me off but it will come back around theyll get caught by 5-0
  5. Kids these days, sometimes I wish you can stop someone from smoking the good herb. Bragging about you're high is annoying, I'm glad I graduated from high school last month.
    I graduated last year...i still see ignorant preppy fucks thinking they can smoke, they face one jay and they act like they're drunk.
  7. I just hope that it isn't worse when I go to college next year.
  8. That's high school shit, bragging like that gets you caught.
  9. HAHAHAHA dude u are such a noob. i smoke like 5 blunts before i even wake up! hahaha u can neva be on my level. amateur.
    realy though, who gives a shit? there's bigger problems in the world son.

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