People who chew with an open mouth

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    You sound like a fucking horse eating a box of beef jerkies at once.
  2. Yeah, honestly. Nothing you have to say (other than "I'M CHOKING!") is important enough for me to have to see that shit. At least put your hand in front of your mouth. I even do that after i swallow my food when i'm around my girlfriend, and we have been dating for 7 months.
  3. Oh my fuck i hate that shit!
  4. [ame=]YouTube - LEARN TO CHEW![/ame]
  5. Haha I hate that so much.
  6. its annoys the fuck out of me :devious:
  7. My roommate! I leave the room as soon as he gets up to get food. I can't stand it. Only two and a half more months of it!
  8. Amen to that
  9. god yeah i hate it! Its just sick.
  10. qft

  11. Hate it.. especially when they have to have a sound for every little thing they do when they eat. For example when they're licking their fingers like crazy and making little noises like they're making love to their fingers. Or when eating the food and they have the heavy breathing and looking like they have a jaw breaker in their mouth and chew like a cow.
  12. i want to a mother fucker out whenever i hear it. its obnoxious and disgusting.
  13. lol

    Come on guys, we're animals!
  14. Funniest shit of all when people get mad you can hear them to SO SHUT THE FUCK UP
  15. people who start annoying threads...shut the fuck up!
  16. no i hate this too. people have no manners.

    ^^dude its a forum meant for talking, so gtfo saying for this guy is annoying.
    comments like yours are annoying.
  17. Good call.

    I'm going to start bringing golf clubs every time I go out to lunch with my friends.
  18. my 300 lb brother devours his food like he's a pig eating his last fucking pile of slop
  19. sometimes people just don't give a fuck.
  20. Omnomnomnomnom

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