People who cant hang/Trip really hard.

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  1. You guys probably have some stories about people who just couldn't hang or trip out really hard. 
    Lets hear some stories.
    Mine is about this one really big fat guy me and my friends call humphry (his alter ego when he's high). Anyways we're at my friends house smoking it up on a bong. And this dude of course coughs up a lung (even though he smokes cigarettes alot). So anyway he starts tripping out and just starts talking about World War 2 and asking all these questions about it. Then he starts babbling in gibberish. And well just plain tripping out in general. For the rest of the night he just sat their with my friends dog in his lap.
    Also one more quick one. So my parents are out of town for the weekend. I have a few brownies so my friend comes over for a wake and bake. He had (which I told him not to) A brownie and a half (they we're pretty potent) and like 5 bong rips. I told him that he's gonna knock out. And guess what happens... He passes out on my couch for 4 hours.

  2. Idk made me laughed hard These "Real Life Stories" are funny as fuck when your high
  3. Lol, thought I was the only one. I have friends that just keep babbling and shouting while the group is in chill mode. It seems like they're deprived of social interactions or want attention. I got two friends that do it. Still I put up with it, but I make sure to tell them to shut up at times. A real friend keeps it real.
  4. I have this thing where i have to bug people who like to listen to dubstep, they sometimes have this "Nothing is as good as dubstep attitude" (not everybody obviously) but one time i was trippin with this guy and he talked about dub step quick and a couple artists he liked and i looked at him and started bobbing my head and did this deep voice and went "Dubstep bro!" and then began fist pumping.
    "Bro, the best dubstep is deadmouse"
    "Bro, fist bump for dubstep bro"
    "Bro, whens your birthday, August 4th? Well have birthday dubstep on August 4th bro"
    I did this for literally 45 minutes and finally he started just snap show "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT DUBSTEP"
    And that was the last time i talked to the dude lol he stormed off.
    My friends say i should start a youtube channel called "Dubstep bro" I dont know if i should but this dude was so pissed i was just having a blast with him, probably just bout got my ass beat over "Dubstep bro" 
  5. bro my birthday is fuckin august 4th FUCK YEAH
  6. I have this friend (let's call him Ozwald  :confused_2: ) who I've smoked with a few times but he never gets high. I try to explain to him how to do it but he always claims he feels normal. So one day it's me, ozwald, and another friend who I smoke with more regularly. We only had 2 joints but it must have been strong because this time ozwald actually gets high. But he doesn't just get high. He gets way too high like where you feel like you're moving inside your head and where you can hardly speak. So obviously he is freaking out and me and my other friend are just laughing because the way he was acting was funny. After about 10 minutes it got pretty old. He was talking about how he has to tell his girlfriend that he got high or something and he was just generally freaking out and getting super paranoid. I just tell him to go to sleep so he goes to lay down somewhere. That was probably the worst kill of a high ever. It was hard to enjoy it afterwords because it seemed like he was going to cry (he may have actually been crying I don't remember) and I just felt bad. So yeah that sucked.  :hide:
  7. my friends first time getting high... we smoked like 3 gs and he didn't feel anything. finally i told him we needed to chill out. we got our shit together and were about to go out for the night and it hit him... hard. one of my funnest nights ever. i got so high i woke up in my own house and for a few seconds had no idea where i was.
  8. There's this girl that we sometimes chill with and she'll take like one measly little poor ass dab and be sooo fucked up she starts throwing up everywhere. Always says it's food poisoning but when it happens 4 times in a row we know your lying bitch!

    Everything better with a bag of weed.
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    [SUB]People who can't hang are no fun[/SUB]
  10. I have this one friend whos used to smoking like one joint and thats it. But when he smokes with me and my brother it usually about 4 or 5 blunts between us three. And when this friend gets high he starts tweaking and shaking. I mean i know we smoke good shit but i just think he's seeking attention

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  11. Thankfully those types of people are out of my circle now. There was one guy I went to school with that my friend invited out one night and the guy claimed he smoked all the time, but you could tell this was his first time. We realized we didn't have enough papers for the night so me and one of the guys went to the gas station. While we were gone he apparently took like three bong rips to the head and when we got back he smoked one joint of mid grade with us. He sat out the rest of the night. When it came time for him to go home his friend had to literally put him in the car, and he's rocking back and forth shaking, white as a ghost, asking if he was going to die. Apparently he passed out on the way home and my friend let him sleep it out in the car. Lol

    Crazy people. If he would have told us it was his first time we would have eased him into it.

    Whatever :p
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    Damn I only wish I could get a fucked up as these people. Crazy but some people just cant hold their cannabis and go psychotic and I'd asume thats probably why cannabis is sometimes related to some people freakin out and going schitozo. I used to shake like a tweaker pretty darn good but those days are long gone I can only hope to tweak on cannabis like that again- good times
    In my little circle of post-high school buddies we've got this one guy who we've been friends with for near 8 yrs but this kid just wont smoke bud and very strange this kid is borderline retard/socially awkward. He drinks like a fish, smokes cigs like fuckin factory chimney, and whines about a lot of stupid shit but wont mellow out with bud 
    Its also really fucking weird, the times when the rest of the group wants to smoke in the same room with him he turns silent as a monk loses anything he was saying and just sits silently, we have to prod him into consersation of shit. Its just all too strange 
  13. One of my buddies is pretty damn goofy when we smoke together. But he's not annoying. Just great entertainment.
    The other night we were hot boxing in his bro in laws retro van (lovvve) and he was high as hell listening to music. "Bitch dont kill my vibe, bitch font kill my vibe" Lol. He was completely limp and staring off into space. As soon as I passed the blunt his ass started jamming, going crazy. Like the blunt brought him back to life. I think we laughed at him all night for that :)

    We just talk shit to each other when we're high. hes Mexican and gets crazy munchies. One night he was craving fajitas so bad. Told him he looked like the taco bell chihuahua. Yo quiero taco bell! He almost cried lmao.

    Buttt... He got me back with my stupid racist joke when he made fun of my "fat lips" Cuz I was high and kept covering the pipe hole with my bottom lip and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't hit :laughing:

    Shit we both can't hang. Perfect match lmao.

    OK I'll shut up now.
  14. this is me, I am basically one of these people. but normally if I'm with other people I don't get lost in my head as much.
    I like social smoking for this reason, if I smoke on my own I will just get so high to the point where I forget where/who I am
  15. When me and my buddy first started smoking at age 12 we went and had buckys (gravity bong?) in this little river and we were chilling by the side and I look over and he is absolutely passed out, I was shaking him and nothing happened. Thought he was dead, pretty sure I even slapped him and he just lay there. Would have been another 10 mins before he came to. Same day the cunt gets naked and tries to go for a ride on his push bike. Lucky he had me there to save him from embarrassing himself.
  16. Considering you do stand up comedy I say you should. That story had me rolling because I can't stand that "music".
    As for my story, the worst we had was a swedish exchange student that we became friends with during my senior year. Somebody else got him to smoke for his first time, then we started hanging out with him a week or two later. He would have like two hits and be ridiculously high. One night we were at some guys house smoking and he ended up staring at a book of surfing photos for over an hour.
    It was so funny, one time we were driving around after smoking and he just said "I'm so hammered right now". He though hammered meant high instead of drunk, even though we had been hanging out with him for several months already.
  17. This is why i get stoned alone.
  18. fuck dubstep.

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  19. My little cousin started smoking with me about a year ago. He finally decided he wanted to try it out and took a few hits off of some blue cheese blunts a few times. Ofc it didn't take much the first few times. So after getting high maybe 5 times he gets to feeling like he's a seasoned smoker and he's been doing it for years.

    So in an attempt to bring him back down to earth I invited him to enjoy some afghan kush. Real good smoke. I bring out the 2 foot bong and load up a good bowl and me and my brother in law commence to showing him how to hit a bong. He's not quiet getting it so I fill it up for him and he clears it like a champ. After much coughing and me laughing I fill it up again and he clears it again. He really coughs this time and wants no more. So me and my brother in law starting bullshitting and I notice that my cuz is completely blank faced and sweating like he's suntanning in the Sahara desert. I try to ask him how he's feeling but all he can do is shake his head. So I go back to bullshittin and 20-30 minutes later he blurts out What's wrong with me? Lol we busted out laughing and he then refuses to say anything else. That's the only words he spoke in 2 hours. Just sat there sweating and completely lost in thought. Poor fella. He no longer smokes off of a bong

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  20. My main smoking buddy and I got our mutual friend to do a bong hit, but then she started having an anxiety attack and breathing super fast and thought she was going to die. I tried to calm her down and tell her it was all in her head but she wouldn't listen so I left the room to enjoy ky high stress free. She never smoked again.

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