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People who blow hits in your face.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by High N Geeked, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. That is the one thing that makes me want to reach over and deck someone in the face. Someone takes a huge rip then blows there smoke in my face... Holy shit there is 100s of other directions you could have blown the smoke. No one wants to bask in your weed hit.

    Especially if it's cig smoke, that's even worse.

    Anyone else have a pet peeve like this?
  2. if its a girl its cool, because that means your about to get lucky. or on the right path. if a dude blows a hit in my face, he must be straight oakie, or faggy. and it pisses me the fuck off. too. unless its a girl ;)
  3. only time this shit was done to me was when me n some other dude had some beef. we were both outside smoking cigs and he blew his cig smoke in my face. i straight slapped his cig outta his mouth and stomped on it and started yelling at him. sign of disrespect if you ask me dont stand for it bro
  4. I also dislike when someone blows smoke in my face. I just make a few comments that make them feel stupid for it; doesn't happen again.
  5. i hate it only fags do it
  6. If it's cig smoke there gonna have a raging monkey of fury on there ass :devious::laughing:
  7. Some people I know do that because they think it's funny, but it just makes them seem like a faggot who's toking for the first time.
  8. i usually just do something back.

    "accident" some human hair in their next rip? lolol

    i raelly hate when someone just drinks my drink and then i have nothing to drink. its like what the fuck, you in my crib and you just drink my drink? get the fuck out
  9. If it's cig smoke that's fucking disgusting, usually if it's weed smoke it's pretty light and it doesn't bother me unless it's obvious intent but sometimes kids are high and don't think about it hah
  10. i almost always blow my smoke to the sky. sometimes accidents happen though man.
  11. Its funny because when I read the title I thought "...need to get punched in the face!" and then I clicked on it and that was your first sentence. When a girl does it it can be sexy and a big turn on ,but i get pissed when I'm sitting around getting blazed and some dude blows smoke at me like that.
  12. haha, dont see nothing bad about blowing smoke in faces. I never blow, but when others do i dont get mad i just say to stop, if its a cig, thats a different story. Quit smoking 4months back, smoke only when extra shitfaced or put a bit in my spliff
  13. If you do it on purpose, then that's a faux pas.

    But like someone else said..sometimes you're just not thinking, and you accidentally exhale in someone's general direction. And if you've just taken a big rip, the smoke will most likely find its way in someone's face, or at least in front of their face.

    I'd let it slide if it only happens once in a long while. But if someone makes a habit out of it, I'd let them know that that shit will not fly
  14. in my group we came to a conclusion: blowing weed smoke is a gift, but blowing tobacco smoke is a dick move. were not gona try to blow smoke at each other, but if it happens no big deal.
  15. I've done it once in my life, and I remember it perfectly. I was smoking a spliff and this girl was talking to me, so I turned towards her to respond and I blew the smoke out first, completely not thinking that I just blew halfsies in her face. I apologized for like 5 minutes and I felt like a huge dick.
  16. I dont sit that close to people...
  17. Me and my girlfriend will blow smoke in each others faces when we're joking around.

    But if any one other than like a close friend or family blew smoke up in my face I'd be pretty pissed lol
  18. If it's cig smoke then I'd be pissed, but as long as it's weed smoke and accidental i dont get too pissed. It's happened to me a few times but all from good friends and on accident.

    Only one i can clearly remember though was it was my best friends like 3-4 time smoking and he couldnt light the bowl or if he managed to he would completely torch it so i was sparking it for him. He took a huge rip then started coughing and coughed it out right in my face. At first i was like wtf then he looked up at me with completely blood shot eyes and that stoned look and just muttered sorry bro with a huge grin on his face and we both cracked up...good times
  19. yea like ill be about to hurl and my friends exhale cigs on me.
    but pot hits i dont mind unless im ripplng the bong and your exhale loses my flame.
  20. I hate having people who wonder why they dont get high, so you smoke them up and they get through a few hits and ur blazed, they say thy dont feel it, then they let out a THICK cloud of uninhaled smoke into the air... I weep at the waste of THC, then i say... take half as big a hit, inhale fresh air without exhaling in between and just watch their pupils dialate.

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