People Under the Stairs... Anyone?

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  2. Dude I love PUTS.

    "on a warm San Franciscan night"

    Dope lyrical skills.
  3. I fuckin love Acid Raindrops by PUTS.. one of my all time fav smokeout tunes.
    cant beleive theres a thread about them

    unfortunately its the only track ive heard by them
    but ill definately be checkin out some more now :)
  4. I just went and saw them live in MPLS.. not a very big venue but it was packed. It was nuts. These guys can rhyme.
  5. SF Knights is a dope ass chilling song... but there are definitely other highlights. they are masters, for sure.
  6. I first heard of these guys a few weeks ago when someone posted Acid's definitely one of my more favorite songs now.

    They're something different to listen to, old school sound.
  7. i love people under the stairs. especially acid raindrops
  8. Hell yeah, I was at a party last night and put this shit on, and got the whole party POPIN', I love this fucking song at parties or anywhere. smoking blunts, gettin' some:D, in the morning...ANYTIME.

    I LOVE PUTS, btw too. I have all their albums. If you like their shit you should download some MURS. I think PUTS already does alot of shit with him though.

  9. Yeah to me, I feel like they have that early 90's rap flow kind of like Tribe Called Quest, but with a new twist, and some west coast thrown in the mix. it's fucking great, their a great group.

    Anyone seen them live?
  10. Yeah ^ I saw them in Minneapolis a few days ago with FloBots. FloBots are okay but nothing like People Under the Stairs. God damn I can't wait for them to come back.
  11. my fav songs by em is Acid Raindrops and The L.A. Song. cant get enough of bumpin those 2
  12. somebody pm a link if you can find a torrent for these dudes
  13. Out on the porch....
  14. just PM'd you Cali Ounces
  15. Yeah I have been listening to murs for a few years now, but thanks for the recommendation dude.

  16. Check out the record O.S.T. or Question In The Form Of An Answer. Or even The OM Years, that OM Records just put out. It's basically a greatest hits. All earlier stuff. Acid Raindrops, San Francisco Knights, Empty Bottles Of Water, LA Song, Youth Explosion, Yield, The Cat, all on there. The Cat is probably my favorite joint from them.

    Yeah last week they were in Cleveland with Flobots. They are nasty live. Great chemistry. Thes One was freestyling about Cleveland, and the crowd. It was dope. Double K was scratching and rapping at the same time! He is a nasty dj too. He was real cool too. We were kickin it with him after. He was real personable with his fans. They are slick no doubt.

    And make sure to get their new CD, FUN DMC coming next month.

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