People today suck

Discussion in 'General' started by Lyris5, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Ever notice how lame people are today? makes me sick. Everybody I meet is a complete fucking douchebag. Today it's cool to be a douchebag. When did this happen? Genuine people are impossible to find nowadays. What happened?
  2. Bitch, tough love.

  3. shift happens. but there are still geniune ppl like u and me around just gotta ignore the others
  4. Read my post called "Can Anybody Hear me"... Actually any of the other posts I just put up in "General" You'd like them.
  5. The world of as we know it is also rike with the personality traits that come with it. In general, most of the populous that resides in the Western World (particularly, not limited to) are reverse opportunists. When the convictions of the masses are brought into the same league as normalcy, rather than reflecting those ways back onto each other, they are twisted and turned onto themselves until nothing is left but a polar negative by usually a small group until it becomes so large that it, in turn, becomes tolerated or... even typical.

    This can go one of two ways. Either the attitudes of the rebellious are altered due to actual cognitive reasoning, based on a perceived necessity to do so, or they're simply changed for the sake of being changed, primarily for the intent of acting out personal fantasy or rebellious nature.

    We were preceeded by a brief age of chivalry and literacy, but the ways of the people were not so suddenly altered over the course of decades, maybe even centuries, until stupidity, rudeness and insanity became the norm for our culture. These trends are followed all the way back to our roots in this world, from the age of enlightenment all the way into the Crusades. It's a fluctuating time-table.

    I'm not sure which one concerns me more... personal agenda or grand necessity. Both of them can, and usually are, started with some form of good intent, but they can, and unfortunately are, turned to the corrupt, the wicked, the evil and... the just plain stupid.

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