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Discussion in 'General' started by GrandaddyPurps, May 27, 2009.

  1. Well im having a really fucking bad day. I find out my dealer stopped dealing yesterday, called every number in my book for nug. This fucking kid tells me he can get an eigth but for fucking 80 dollars.... i get him down to 75... im like w/e im desperate.

    Then im like im gonna scale it out (i dont trust this kid) and hes like naaa im not sitting there while you scale. then i tell him its not worth my time no weed is worth 75 an eigth.

    so now im apparently a faggot who can never call him for weed again

    bad fucking day:(
  2. Fuck the kid, i wouldn't deal with him in the first place, thats an outrageous price(and ive paid $65, but that was at a clinic), and then he won't let you scale it? wtfever dude, that kid aint no dealer.
  3. atleast you dont have cancer.

    and you can always drink alcohol, but i know. its not the same as weed. :(
  4. man my wthdraw is really bad todayand i went to the hospital to see if theyd do anything and they gave me a script for penecilyn:confused:
  5. Thas terrrible..
  6. Penecilyn? Like pennecillin? Isn't that an antibiotic?

    And OP, that fugding sucks. How annoying.

  7. good move passing on that dipshits weed. if he doesnt want to sit there while you put it on the scale hes obviously trying to scam fuck him. im sure you will find another good connect soon.
  8. wow what a prick. Tell him that he's a punk for not letting people scale out his bags. I would never call him again for weed anyways, with that price and attitude! :smoking:
  9. I would have slapp'd a bitch
  10. Shady motherfuckers.

    When weed's legal, we won't have this problem. Everyone will have plants in their back yard. :smoking:
  11. Only in the back yard,lol, grass will no longer be slang for my bud, bud will be my lawn, all arounf the house, don't forget the roof!!
  12. yeah exactly! they said there ganna give me stuff to help and then i look at the slip and it said pennecillin:confused: and motrin?
    will this help though? damn i swear some poeple just dont think(including me)
  13. forget aboutt hat dude.

    you can find better deals and better peoples
  14. Man is weed really that expensive just below the border?

    Come to Ontario man, weeds easy to find most of the time and cheap as hell compared to what NY seems like. I'll help ya find it meself lol.

  15. weed is usually 60 an eigth most iv payed is 70
  16. You should feel better just about the fact that you didn't let a douche bag dealer walk over you. I have friends who are afraid to call out when they know their getting shorted. Good job :hello:
  17. come to seattle and ill set you up real nice mayyyne. fuck those shady kids..obviously it wasnt gonna be a full eighth, so 75 for not even an eighth!? FUCK THAT.:rolleyes::smoking:
  18. my friend said he might be able to get nug ina few hours

    so things might be looking up
  19. hey man thats the story of my life right now. every time is a journey just trying to get a gram. i have to go through the middle man. some times i have to go through somebody who has to go through somebody. then you read about people on here that get these great hookups for really cheap.
  20. the answer is easy. save up a few hundred dollars and buy quantity. that's the only way you'll get the prices lower. i pay $8 on the gram usually of fire buds, and that's not even as cheap as people out in cali get.

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